Are they stages or stages of budget expenditure planning except?

These are stages or stages of budget expenditure planning , except : a. Budget and financial programming .

What are the revenue stages?


The revenue stages are : launch, collection and collection.

What are the stages of public revenue execution?

Execution Stages The legislation establishes the following phases for revenue : forecasting, launch, collection, collection and collection.

What are the stages of budget revenue explain each one?

The stages of budget revenue are as follows: Forecast – estimated revenue collection , contained in the Annual Budget Law – LOA, comprised of distinct phases. Launch – is dealt with by Law No. 4.

What are the types of public revenue?

a) Ordinary revenues : are those public revenues received regularly in the normal movement of activities of the federative entity, such as the collection of taxes. b) Extraordinary revenues : these are non-permanent/usual public revenues that occur, for example, in the case of war and donations. 3.

What are public revenues and how are they divided?

Ordinary public revenues are those that occur regularly in each financial period. Example: Taxes, fees, contributions, etc. Extraordinary revenues arise from emergency situations or due to other occasional situations. Ex: Compulsory loans, donations, etc.

Are classifications of public revenue except?

(CESPE – DPU/2016 – ACCOUNTING) Public revenues are classified as provisional and definitive. … These are sources of budget revenue , EXCEPT (A) revenue from taxes and improvement contributions. (B) income from credit and equity operations.

What are the two forms of public revenue transfer used in Brazil?

II- In direct transfer , part of the revenue is delivered directly to the municipality, such as, for example, the ITR. III- In indirect transfer , as in direct, the collection is transferred directly to the State or municipality, the only difference being the transfer rate, which is lower.

Are these examples of government revenue?

What is Public Revenue ?

  • Taxes;
  • Fees;
  • Improvement Contributions;
  • Compulsory Loans; It is.
  • Special Contributions.

What are current income and capital income?

Current Revenue – It is the sum of tax, contribution , property, agricultural, industrial, service and other revenues, and also those arising from financial resources received from other people under public or private law, when intended to meet expenses classifiable under expenses …

What are the resources that are raised exclusively to be applied to government programs and actions called?

Budgetary revenues are those belonging to the public entity, collected exclusively for application in government programs and actions . These incomes are called Public Revenue in the strictest sense.

What are original recipes?

Public revenue classification category regarding the origin of resources. It groups the income that governments receive, through the use of their patrimonial, industrial and other resources, not understood as taxes.

What is contribution income?

– Contribution Revenue : This is the income from social contributions , from intervention in the economic domain and of interest to professional or economic categories, as an instrument of intervention in the respective areas.

What are budget revenues?

Budget revenues are available financial resources that enter during the year, constitute a new element for public assets and increase its financial balance. They are a source of resources through which the execution of public policies is made possible.

Are they effective budget revenues?

Effective budget revenue : This is the one that causes changes in the net asset situation. Ineffective budget revenue : These are budget revenues resulting from permutative facts, that is, they do not change the net equity situation .

What are the classifications of budget revenues?

Federal Law No. 4.

What are original and derived revenues?

Revenue originates when it arises from the exploitation, by the State, of its own assets . On the other hand, income is derived if it comes from the demand on the assets of a private individual.

What are derived and transferred original public revenues?

Public revenues are normally classified according to their origin, as original (resulting from the State’s activities as a private agent and, thus, subject to private law), derived (those whose origin is in the State’s power to impose on the individual) and transferred (arising from the transfer…

What are non-tax revenues?

“ Original or “ non-tax ” revenue = is that resulting from the exploitation of public assets (public good). The State obtains it in view of its role as an agent of the private sector, that is, it is characterized by a relationship of COORDINATION with the private sector.

What are capital receipts?

Revenues that alter the State’s lasting assets, such as, for example, those arising from the observance of a period or the proceeds of a long-term loan taken out by the State.

Is this a classic example of capital income?

24) (CESPE – Judicial Analyst – Administrative – TJ/PA – 2020) The income obtained by renting public properties to third parties is an example of capital income . The income obtained by renting public properties to third parties is an example of property income , therefore, current.

What are capital expenditures?

Expenses related to the acquisition of machinery and equipment, carrying out works, acquiring shareholdings in companies, purchasing real estate, granting loans for investment.

Are examples of current income except?

The following are examples of current revenue EXCEPT :

  • Tax revenue .
  • Intergovernmental transfers.
  • Agricultural revenue .
  • Income from active debt arising from the repayment of loans and financing.
  • Transfers to combat hunger.

What is equity income?

The funds raised in this way are known as “ asset income ”. … Such revenues are not taxes, but rather considerations owed by individuals for the privileged use of goods that belong to everyone. Patrimonial revenues are collected in the Single Treasury Account.

What is a current expense?

Expenses for maintaining the activities of public administration bodies, such as: personnel expenses , interest on debt, acquisition of consumer goods, third-party services, maintenance of equipment, expenses with water, energy, telephone, etc.

What are the tax revenues?

Tax revenue is any source of income that derives from state tax collection, of which the types are Taxes, Fees, Improvement Contributions, Compulsory Loans and Special Contributions, all prefixed by law on a permanent basis or not.

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