What do you say?

What do you say?

Meaning of Afirma Afirma comes from the verb affirm. The same as: establishes, maintains, pledges, promises, guarantees, guarantees, grants, declares, sustains.

What does the word affirm mean?

Meaning of Affirm direct and pronominal transitive verb Make it consolidate, firm or fixed; establish itself: affirmed the clauses of the contract; He definitively established himself in his teaching career.

Can a synonym be said?

Affirmative: 1 indication, assertion, affirmative, allegation, assertive, assertion, assertion, declaration, statement.

How to spell assert?


  1. Gift. I assert myself. you affirm yourself. he asserts himself . …
  2. Imperfect Past Tense. she assured me. you affirmed yourself. …
  3. Past Perfect. I asserted myself. you affirmed yourself. …
  4. More-than-perfect past tense. I had assured myself. you will confirm yourself. …
  5. Future of the Present. I will affirm myself. you will affirm yourself. …
  6. Future of the Past. I would say so. you would affirm yourself.

What does synonym mean?

1 rumor, chatter, gossip, say –what– says -that. Were these synonyms helpful?

What is self-affirmation?

Meaning of Self-affirmation feminine noun Act of asserting oneself, of expressing one’s own desires, freedom and independence, generally seeking the acceptance of the majority, of the environment in which one lives; affirmation .

What is an affirmation relationship?

[Logic] Proposition that considers the relationship that exists between terms real and true. Action of asserting; what is stated is assumed to be true; affirmative.

How do you spell the word Self-affirmation?

Show your will or your independence (e.g.: he starts to want to assert himself ) . Note: Used only as a pronominal verb. Spelling changed by the 1990 Spelling Agreement: self-affirm . Spelling prior to the 1990 Spelling Agreement: self – affirm .

What is Self-affirmation psychology?

Self -affirmation is a need that we individually possess for self-awareness at a desired level. This process leads us to shape our real image and also invented and illusory realities. It is possible to obtain self-affirmation in the most diverse ways, such as through illusions and achievements.

How do you write semiarid in the new spelling?

Region whose climate, soil, etc. It has semi-arid characteristics due to its proximity to the arid region. Example of using the word Semiarid : The climate in this region is semi-arid .

How do you spell microwave according to the new spelling?

Microwave is the current and correct spelling of this word. The word microwave , without a hyphen, is incorrect and was no longer used after the New Spelling Agreement.

Why does the word microwave have a hyphen?

According to base XVI of this document, the hyphen is used when the prefix (what comes before the word , in this case, micro) ends in the same vowel with which the word begins (in this case, waves). Therefore, it is written microwave .

Why does Microwave have a hyphen?

But the fake news left a question: why is microwave spelled with a hyphen ? Micro – enters the prefix rule. Asks for the dash when followed by h or when two identical letters meet. Furthermore, it’s all together: micro -history, micro -bus, microbiology, microsystem, micro-journal.

What’s wrong with my microwave?

Customer: – What’s wrong with my microwave ? Technical assistant: – You have to put a hyphen! … The hyphen, which caused many doubts among users of written language, must be used whenever the prefix of the first element ends with the same vowel that begins the second element.

What is the correct way to write microwave?

The word-forming element micro – is of Greek origin and conveys a notion of small. According to the New Orthographic Agreement, the hyphen is used when the prefix/non-autonomous element/false prefix ends with the same letter that begins the second word or when the second word begins with h.

When is the hyphen used?

# We use the hyphen when the prefix ends in a consonant and the second word begins with the same consonant. # With the prefix “-sub”, in front of words starting with “r”, the hyphen is used . # Before the prefixes “-beyond, -aquém, -bem, -ex, -pós, -recém, -sem, – vice  the hyphen is used .

What words have the same type of formation as Microwave?

Response. CR: microorganisms and semi-integral, I think those are the ones.

What is the hyphen sign?

Getting to know the dash, hyphen and half-stripe better The hyphen (-) is the smallest of all, the second largest is the half-stripe (–), and the dash (—) is much larger than either of the two.

When to separate words with a hyphen?

Words written with a hyphen , when separated at the place where the hyphen is inserted , must be marked with two dashes: one dash at the end of the line and another at the beginning of the next line. Let’s suppose that when writing the word “ill-mannered”, for example, you needed to separate it precisely where there is a hyphen , after writing “evil”.

What are hyphenated words?

Examples with hyphen – second word starts with the same letter

  • microorganism;
  • microwave;
  • counterattack;
  • counterattacker;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • over-exalt;
  • over-erect;
  • extra-Amazonian;

When to use Hyphen in auto?

According to the new spelling agreement, with the prefix auto , we should only use a hyphen if the following word starts with “h” or an equal vowel: auto -hypnosis, auto -observation… With the other letters, we should write without a hyphen or, As they say, “all together”.

What are compound words?

Compound words are formed by two or more terms that, when joined together, form a term with another meaning, equivalent to a single word . See the difference in the following sentences: The current Prime Minister of Israel is Benjamin Netanyahu. The first minister to arrive at the meeting was Joaquim Levy.

What is a compound word?

The new compound word is formed from the joining of two or more simple or radical words and has its own meaning. … The joining of two or more radicals occurs, without altering these forming elements.

How do you know if a word is compound?

Simple is one made up of just one word . The compound, as the name suggests, is formed from the joining of two or more words . There are compound nouns that are written without a hyphen and others that are written with a hyphen.

What is a word made up of agglutination?

In agglutination composition, two or more words or radicals are fused , altering one of these forming elements.

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