What is globalization as a possibility?

What is globalization as a possibility?

Globalization “is a set of social relations that translate into the intensification of transnational interactions, with the process of globalization being a multifaceted phenomenon with economic, social, political, cultural, religious and legal dimensions interconnected in a complex way”.

What are the 3 types of globalization?

There are three types of globalization : economic, cultural and information.

What are the 3 types of globalization that exist according to Milton Santos?

According to Milton Santos , we have three types of globalization . Therefore, we can classify them as: globalization as a fable, as perversity and as a possibility. Globalization as a fable can be understood as a proactive, so-called and promising model.

What is globalization and give examples?

Globalization is a process of economic, cultural, social and political integration. This phenomenon is generated by capitalism’s need to conquer new markets, especially if the current market is saturated. Example : The internet that connects the entire world in real time without difference in time zones.

What ideas do you associate with the word globalization?

Response. High technology, mass production, greater consumerism on the part of a minority of the world’s population, greater flexibility, greater communication between nations and populations. And at the same time social exclusion by powerful capitalists.

What is globalization Brainly?

Globalization is an economic and social process that establishes integration between countries and people around the world. And Provides integration between (states, companies and people).

What is globalization?

Historical process, with political, economic, cultural, technological impact, etc., accelerated in the second half of the 20th century, which represents the awareness that phenomena are interrelated, regardless of territorial borders, ethnic or linguistic differences, etc. .

What is the concept of globalization Brainly?

Hello. Answer: Globalization is the international process between different societies and results in an intensification of commercial, economic, political, social and cultural relations, thus being seen in the interdependence of all peoples and countries on the earth’s surface.

What is globalization answer?

The process of globalization is a phenomenon of the capitalist economic model, which consists of the globalization of geographic space through economic, political, social and cultural interconnection on a planetary scale.

What best defines globalization today?

The characteristics that best define current globalization are: Increase in communication technologies that are responsible for communication between countries, as well as commercial transactions between them. Increase in exports and imports, taking into account communication technologies.

What are the main characteristics of globalization?

The main characteristics of globalization are the homogenization of urban centers, the expansion of corporations to regions outside their geopolitical cores, the technological revolution in communications and electronics, the geopolitical reorganization of the world into commercial blocs (no longer ideological), hybridization. ..

What is the difference between globalization and globalization?

The difference between globalization , globalization and internationalization is that; globalization is the greatest political, social and economic interaction between countries. Globalization , in turn, is linked to the cultural aspect, with impregnated and modified habits and customs being shared throughout the world.

What is globalization short summary?

Globalization is a process of economic, political and cultural expansion worldwide. Its origins date back to the period of Great Navigation in the 16th century, a time when commercial exchanges expanded to other nations.

What is the relationship between globalization and multinationals?

Response. Multinationals are a consequence of globalization , as companies find cheap labor in underdeveloped and developing countries, because of tax exemptions, etc. … This is good for undeveloped countries, as they create jobs, and bring more accessible technology to these countries.

How does globalization allow the development of multinationals?

The globalization process contributed greatly to the operations of multinational companies , as it provided telecommunication and transportation conditions, essential elements for the operations of these companies on a global scale.

What are multinational companies and what is their role in globalization?

Multinationals are companies that operate beyond the borders between countries, acquiring global magnitude. Multinationals are companies that operate in several countries or that expand their activities to a territory that is beyond their national borders.

What is the role of multinationals in the formation of the global village and in the acculturation process*?

Multinationals tend to be drivers of globalization, as the existence of such companies generally favors political and economic rapprochement between the different countries that are involved in their various production stages, in order to facilitate international agreements, as well as new commercial practices.

What are multinational companies Brainly?

Multinationals , also known as transnationals, are companies that have their headquarters in one country and operate in several countries. They are generally large companies that set up branches in other countries in search of a consumer market, energy, raw materials and cheap labor.

What are the main characteristics of multinational companies?

Multinational companies are characterized by having a headquarters in a specific country and operating in several other countries through the installation of branches. These are large companies that aim to expand their consumer market and profitability by establishing branches in other nations.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of multinational companies?

Response. Advantages : employment of local labor, development of technology, integration between countries in the same region, development of logistics systems. Disadvantages : noise, visual, environmental pollution, environmental impact, degradation of industrial areas, occupational diseases.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of globalization?

Advantages (positive aspects) of Globalization :

  • presence of products and services in all parts of the world (brought by multinational companies);
  • use of the internet to communicate, buy and sell products and services (by individuals and legal entities);
  • gain in competitiveness among countries across the globe.

Who has the most advantages from globalization?

Response. Countries with greater development, therefore, are able to expand their horizons throughout the world and are able to disseminate their culture and information very easily, without the difficulties that underdeveloped countries have faced, falling behind.

What are the positive and negative impacts of the entry of multinationals in Brazil?

Positive Point : Through these multinational companies , the country/state in which it is located has a lot of economic profit and has the structure to bring together many people, making it difficult to increase unemployment/unemployed.

Why is the entry of a multinational into a country very positive?

Within the current context of globalization, it is very common for multinational companies to produce each part of a product in different countries , with the aim of reducing production costs. The entry of multinational companies into a country is a positive thing , as it generates jobs and development.

What are the multinational companies operating in Brazil?

There are also Brazilian multinational companies that operate in different countries. Examples are : Alpargatas, Banco do Brasil , Bradesco, Embraer, Gerdau, Itaú – Unibanco, JBS, Marcopolo, Natura, Odebrecht, Oi, Perdigão, Petrobras, Sadia, Vale, Votorantim and Weg.

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