What is graphotechnics?

What is graphotechnics?

Grafoscopy, also known by the names of graphics (in the very distant past), graphotechnics or graphotechnics, is the part of documentoscopy that studies graphics or writings, verifying authenticity, falsity or graphic authorship, through the study of the characteristics that individualize them. .

What refers to elements of graphotechnics?

Among the elements analyzed in graphotechnical expertise , the quality of the tracing, the degree of graphic skill, the angular and curvilinear values, the tempo and graphic moments, the rhythm, the caliber, the behavior of the writing in relation to its line are verified. staff, base and others classified as elements of…

What are the graphic elements for Grafotecnica?

Graphic Behaviors : considered directions and distances of writing in relation to the staff or base. Graphic Proportionality: dimensional relationships between different parts of writing. Angular Values: predominance of angle(s) in graphic formations . Curvilinear Values: predominance of writing curves.

What is graphic proportionality relationship?

Graphic Proportionality : these are the dimensional relationships between different parts of writing. Angular Values: these are the predominance of angles in graphic formations . Curvilinear Values: these are the predominance of curves in writing. … Writing Slope: is the average slope of characters and writing complexes.

Is it a long dash that precedes the formation of the release?


Which chapter of Documentoscopy deals exclusively with graphics?

74) Graphoscopy “is the chapter of Documentoscopy that deals exclusively with graphism , that is, the direct result of the scriptural gesture performed by man”, in other words, only the human being has such attributes.

What is the purpose of seeking authorship of a given piece of writing?

When you want to determine whether a graphic piece was produced by the person who had the competence for such production, the objective is to attest to the authorship of the piece. When you want to discover the author of a certain graphic piece, the interest is to determine the authenticity of the graphic piece.

Where did Graphoscopy appear in Brazil?

Graphoscopy , a discipline whose purpose is to determine the origin of the graphic document, emerged through empirical methods from the year 88, in the Roman Empire. In Brazil , the technique only appeared after 1.

Why does writing exist?

Writing emerges as a necessity for the development of the economy and society that was occurring mainly in the Middle East. The first form of writing recorded in this location is cuneiform, which evolved from work time records.

How to analyze a person’s handwriting?

Pay attention to the size of the letters .

  1. Large letters signal an extroverted, sociable person who likes the spotlight. …
  2. Small print means shyness, perfectionism and great ability to concentrate.
  3. Average letters can mean that the person is balanced and adaptable.

What does your signature reveal about you?

Every important document needs a signature , as confirmation that we agree with the information contained therein. Therefore, we all have a correct spelling of our name that we repeat countless times in our lives, and it reveals traits of our personality and the way we want to be seen by others.

What does a dot in a signature mean?

When the signature is ascending and ends with a period , the person is self-confident and does not depend on anyone, has their feet firmly on the ground and only promises what they know they can fulfill. … – When a person signs with just their first name, they are very attached to their family.

How do I know what my writing says about me?

In the analysis of writing strokes, there are precise characteristics on which graphologists rely. There are 8 main traits they observe: Size: self-concept and self-esteem. Inclination of letters : affectivity, initiative, ability to reflect and the tendency to use intuition or logic.

How can we analyze a signature?

In the signature itself , three sets of evidence are analyzed: generic characteristics, genetic characteristics and spelling elements. Additionally, marks, stains, smudges and pastes in the document can provide clues. It is the direction and distance of writing in relation to the staff or support base.

How to find out someone’s signature?

To prove whether a signature has actually been forged, there are graphotechnical examinations, carried out by experts in the field, who meticulously analyze the document. This is the only reliable and effective method of proving the authenticity of a signature .

How to copy someone’s signature?

Place a sheet of parchment paper over the original signature . Tracing paper is almost transparent; That way, you can see what’s underneath it. If you don’t have the material available, use some white printing paper. Use a pencil to outline the signature .

Who analyzes signatures?

The procedure is called graphotechnical examination and is known as signature expertise . It is carried out by a graphotechnical expert, who must have specialization in this area. It can use different techniques depending on the type of document to be analyzed. Generally speaking, it looks at the following factors.

Is it a crime to sign for someone else?

Forging a signature is the crime of document forgery (public or private, depending on the case). Ultimately, if the corpus delicti examination is essential, it will be the material falsity that characterizes the crime of falsifying a public or private document (arts. 297 and 298 of the Penal Code).

What is the crime of forging a signature?

depends on the case). imprisonment of 1 (one) to 3 (three) years, and a fine, if the document is private. …

How much is the compensation for signature forgery?

Forged signature Proof of loss or injury is not required in this case. This is the understanding of the 3rd Civil Chamber of the Mato Grosso Court of Justice, which ordered the state Commercial Board (Jucemat) to compensate R$30,000 to a woman whose signature on a contract was forged.

How do you know if a contract is fake?

Expert evidence is extremely relevant and fundamentally important to prove whether or not a contractual document is false, attesting to the authenticity or falsity of the contract itself , its content and the author’s signature placed on it.

When is it signed by someone else?

PP is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase “por procurationem”. This phrase means that you are signing a letter or other document on behalf of someone else . It is widely used in business situations where a secretary/personal assistant is authorized to sign documents on behalf of his or her boss.

What acronym do you use to sign for another person?

The initials pp in Latin mean: per procurationem (per pro), this means that the power is delegated to you to sign that person ‘s name . This is generally used in the business world. Sometimes it is seen the other way around, the pp before the other person ‘s name , but this is a common mistake.

What to put when we sign for someone else?

Pla., Pel’A or Pela? – Cyberquestions about the Portuguese language. Pla., Pel’A or Pela? When we sometimes sign on behalf of an institution, should we do so “P’la” [name of the institution] or “PelA” [name of the institution]?

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