What is mitigated in the right?

What is mitigated in the right?

Mitigate is a prenominal or direct transitive verb in Portuguese, and means the act of reducing the intensity of something, making it softer, calmer or more relaxed. … In the legal context, the verb mitigate is used to denote the reduction of a final impact in the definition of criminal penalties, for example.

What is something mitigated?

Duty to mitigate the loss: the duty to mitigate one’s own loss. Contractors must take the necessary and possible measures so that the damage is not worsened. The party benefiting from the loss cannot remain deliberately inert in the face of damage . Worsening of the loss, due to the creditor’s inertia.

What is the difference between minimizing and mitigating?

What is the difference between minimizing and decreasing ? Are they the same thing, or are there any differences ? Thanks. The verb minimize (minimum + -izar) means “reduce to a minimum”; “to decrease”; and, in a figurative sense, “consider it of little importance”; «depreciate; devalue”; or “fails to attribute due value to; belittle”.

What is the synonym of problem?

4 subject, theme, question, point, question.

What can replace the word problem?

Synonyms for problem

  • 3Meaning: difficulty. tormentdifficultyproblem .
  • 4Meaning: hardness. arduousness problem tormentdifficulty.

What is the opposite of problem?

The opposite of problem is: Opposite of difficulty: 1. ease, opportunity, luck, success, victory, triumph, happiness, fortune, fortune, fortune, advantage, success, prosperity, breath, bliss, good fortune, said, happiness.

What is the opposite of long?

The opposite of long is: Opposite of long: 1. short, small, reduced, diminutive.

What is a problem?

Meaning of Problem masculine noun Issue or circumstance whose resolution is very difficult to achieve. Very complicated situation to resolve: environmental problems .

What is the antonym of the word wealth?

The opposite of wealth is: 1. helplessness, lack, penury, poverty, ruin, piranga, precision, lack, non-existence, indigence, paupérie, lazeira, inopia, laziness, lack, lack, deprivation, need, poverty, misery, hunger.

What is the antonym of evil?

Mal can be classified as an adverb of manner, when it means “incorrectly”, “wrongly” . In this case, it is invariable and its antonym is the adverb bem. As an adverb, it always refers to a verb.

What is the antonym of cry?

1. laugh, smile, guffaw, guffaw.

What is the synonym of wealth?

3 synonyms of wealth for 8 senses of the word wealth : Set of goods: 1 goods, fortune, possessions, capital, patrimony, money, savings, gold, inheritance, belongings, assets, treasure, leather, resources, farm, nest egg, estate, division, means.

What is the synonym for the word pleasure?

1 alacrity, joy, good humor, contentment, weariness, enthusiasm, exultation, happiness, joy, joviality, jubilation, jubilation, joy, rejoicing. Delight: 2 pleasure, pleasure, well-being, delight, delight, delight, delight, desire, taste, treat, satisfaction.

What is the meaning of the word wealth?

Meaning of Wealth feminine noun Quality of being rich, of someone who has many material goods, fortune.

Who likes synonymous money?

Person with a lot of money : 1 wealthy, affluent, abundant, wealthy, capitalist, coated, moneyed, wealthy, wealthy, millionaire, opulent, wealthy, wealthy, pecuniary.

What do you call a person who likes money a lot?

Meaning of argentarian: Person who really likes money .

What is the name of a person who does everything for money?

Avaricious, greedy, selfish, greedy, self-interested, among others. An individual who only thinks about money , if this desire is greater than not harming others, can be very dangerous.

What is a very rich person called?

” Very rich person ” can be given several names, one of which is well known is tycoon. Meaning of goods: everything that belongs to the person . Meaning of possessions: everything a person owns.

What does it mean to be a rich person?

Those who earn US$110,000 per year are considered rich, which is just under R$273,000. Of the 265 million Americans, 15.2% of families have an income of more than US$100,000 annually.

When is a person considered rich in Brazil?

Class B families are those with income between ten and 20 minimum wages, who earn between R$ and R$20.

What is the grammatical class of rich?

Response. The term ” rich ” can be an adjective, as it qualifies the subject or object of the sentence. You can characterize someone as rich because that person has a lot of material goods, a lot of money, but that person can also be rich in knowledge, wisdom, affection, among other subjective elements.

What is the noun for rich?

Meaning of Rich masculine noun Moneyed subject; who has many material goods, properties, wealth. adjective Having a large amount of money, properties, material goods. Which is plenty; with abundance; abundant: rich harvest.

What is the grammatical class of poor?

The word ” poor ” can have the function of a noun and an adjective. What will define its syntactic function will be the context in which it is inserted. As a noun, the word ” poor ” means a person who does not have many resources, whether financial or otherwise, and will always be presented as the subject of the prayer.

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