What is Pretorius in the Bible?

What is Pretorius in the Bible?

The praetorium (in Latin: prætorium) was originally the name of the commander’s tent or residence in the fortifications of Ancient Rome, a castro or castle (castellum).

What does the word Pretorius mean?

Meaning of Pretorius masculine noun Court; any type of court; the place that hosts a court. Ancient Rome. The tent that housed a general on campaign. [History] Court of the praetor, of the person responsible for justice, in ancient Rome.

What does Praetorium of Herod mean?

Tent of the general on campaign in ancient Rome, Court in that of the praetor, praetor was the magistrate in ancient Rome. Modernly, Pretorio is understood as any Court. Paul was taken to Herod’s praetorium .

What does the word scarlet mean?

Meaning of Scarlet Type of paint or substance with an intense red color often used in painting. adjective Very strong red, red: scarlet lips .

What does the word reed mean in the Bible?

masculine noun Slender, thin and long cane; canica, caninha.

What does the word cloven reed mean in the Word of God?

The symbolism used by Isaiah brings encouragement and hope to the failed, injured and in need of a new chance. Broken reeds are not the material from which sugarcane planters could expect any financial advantage, but God does not rule them out. Its restorative power surpasses that of destruction.

What does a reed shaken by the wind mean?

reed shaken with the wind ?” saying about people who bend to the winds of vicissitudes, of difficulties.

What is Caniço for?

frame made with thin canes intertwined, on which cheeses are dried and cured, meats are smoked, etc.

What is a fishing rod?

It is a fishing instrument used by coastal fishermen, both in sporting and subsistence modes, intended for capturing coastal species, as well as in inland fishing .

What does reed mean?

Caniça is the feminine of caniço . The same as: skinny, skinny, skinny.

What is hyssop in the Bible dictionary?

Meaning of Hyssop masculine noun Shrub that grows on the arid rocks of the Mediterranean and Asian regions, and from whose flowers a stimulating infusion is made.

What is hyssop good for?

Properties of Hyssop Positive effect in the treatment of bronchitis and respiratory infections, antiseptic, antitussive, carminative (combats flatulence), diaphoretic, emmenagogue, expectorant, pectoral, sedative, healing, stimulant and tonic.

What does crimson mean in the Bible?

Jesus is compared to a scarlet worm who sheds His blood to save His people. … Scarlet and crimson represent blood and refer to sacrifice. They represent the sacrifice of Jesus Christ when offering His life for the salvation of humanity. It represents elements such as war, suffering, reconciliation.

What does the word argui me mean?

1. Impute, accuse, censure (reprimanding). two.

What does argue me mean in the Bible?

Demonstrate an argument that is justifying; present your transgressions so that they may be forgiven. Come then, and argue with me , saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; even if they are red like crimson, they will become like white wool.

What does it mean to argue in a case?

Meaning of Arguar direct transitive verb Alleging, presenting evidence, reasons or motives: he argued emotional loss of control to free himself from guilt. [Legal] Make something neutral through argument; challenge: argued the evidence with an irrefutable defense.

What does the word resignation mean?

1. Act or effect of resigning . 2. Submission to the will of God.

What is the difference between acceptance and resignation?

Resignation prevents you from overcoming the grieving process . Accepting death means stopping suffering, not feeling revolt and giving direction to your life again, which continues and has much more to offer you. In this case, acceptance is the final stage of healthy grieving.

What does resigned acceptance mean?

Resignation , or even acceptance , in spirituality, awareness and human psychology, generally refers to experiencing a situation without the intention of changing it.

What is a fierce person?

Meaning of Fierce That shows aggression or hostility, when incited in some way. Who fulfills his objectives with vehemence, perfection, righteousness; obstinate.

What does it mean to be a conventional person?

adjective Related to convention, which follows or results from a set of customs, habits and uses: conventional behavior . Established by use or practice; traditional. That follows already established standards or rules; common. [Figured] Who behaves according to social rules: conventional person .

What is being accurate?

adjective Developed with care, care and attention; neat, refined or improved: accurate speech . Defined by care, dedication, commitment. That it was accurate, that it was treated with care. Etymology (origin of the word accurate ).

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