What is the default constitution?

What is the default constitution?

V – THE CONSTITUTION IN DEFAULT . … Mora ex persona (Articles 397, 2nd paragraph of the Civil Code; Articles 867 to 873 and 219 of the Code of Civil Procedure): Occurs when the creditor must take certain measures necessary to constitute the debtor in default (notification, interpellation, etc.)

What does it mean to be constituted in arrears?

According to the Brazilian Civil Code, “the debtor who does not make the payment, and the creditor who does not want to receive it, is considered in default at the time, place and form established by law or convention.” According to the Portuguese Civil Code, “the debtor is considered to be in default when, because it is attributable to him, the provision, …

What are the requirements for mora debitoris?

Debitoris Default : when there is non  compliance or imperfect fulfillment of the obligation by the latter, for reasons attributable to him.

What are the effects of the debtor’s default?

The financial consequences of the debtor’s default are described in art. 395 of the Civil Code. The debtor in default is responsible for the losses caused by his delay : he will pay the installment, losses and damages, interest resulting from the delay , the updating of monetary values ​​and legal fees.

What is the synonym of mora?

1 moratorium, extension. 2 postponement, delay, delay, delay, detention.

What is a synonym for resolve?

38 synonyms of resolve for 5 senses of the word resolve : Determines and decides precisely: 1 defines, marks, fixes, needs, deliberates, decrees, establishes, decides, outlines, settles, indicates, stipulates, elucidates, explains, clarifies, explains , illustrates, clarifies, clarifies, unveils, unravels, elucidates.

What is the synonym for the word close?

Which is close: 1 close, joint, footprint, approximate, in the neighborhood, neighboring, close, adjunct, adjacent, contiguous, confining, borderline, borderline, propinquate, neighboring, surrounding, close, abeirada, abarbada, near, nearby, vicinal, finitely, soon.

What is the synonym of find?

Estar: 6 to be, to find oneself, to locate oneself, to situate oneself. Example: Please let me know not to come to your office if you are out of town.

What is the synonym and antonym of find?

Synonym for ” find “: “find”. Antonym “lose”.

What is the Antonym of finding?

26 antonyms of acha for 4 senses of the word . The opposite of finding is: 1. misfinding, losing, misplacing, undoing, disappearing, disappearing.

What is the synonym for the word say?

6 predict, predict, presage, announce, guess, conjecture, judge, think, suppose, consider.

What is the synonym of the word proud?

1 proud, boastful, boastful, faded, swollen, inflated, puffed up, honored, dignified. Which is excessively vain: 2 vain, arrogant, convinced, snobbish, presumptuous, pretentious, presumptuous, pedantic, puffed up, affected, prim, immodest, insolent, haughty, haughty, disdainful, ostentatious, philautious.

What is the synonym of how much?

1 what amount of, what total of, what number of.

What is the synonym for the word relationship?

5 report, description, information, narration, narrative, news, exposition, reference.Example: The relationship of events was essential in the reconstruction of the crime. In the plural – People you live with: 6 friendships, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, companions, comrades. Example: I fully trust my relationships .

How or how much?

The rule is very simple: while “ how ” is linked to adjectives or adverbs, “how much” is linked to pronouns, nouns or the like.

When to use it for this?

expression For a certain thing to happen or take place; To do this , you need to ask the heavens for help! [Grammar] It can be used in the sense in which both works as a determinant (not having the meaning mentioned above): for so much money, its external appearance is a bit worn out.

How to use therefore?

Therefore is a conclusive coordinating conjunction with the meaning of therefore and therefore. It is an invariable conjunction, used in connection with a previous clause to indicate a consequence or conclusion of that first action. It must be used with commas.

How do you spell the word so much?

It is worth noting that, although “however” and “however” are very similar in sound to the word “ anto ”, the meanings differ considerably. “ anto ” is used in different phrases, such as “ as much as”, “ as much as”, “ as much as”, among others.

What does it mean if you do mister?

EXPRESSIONS Doing your own thing : V ser mister . Being mister : being forced or necessary; get involved .

What rhymes with the word so much?

Words that rhyme with So much :

  • Nonetheless.
  • Provided.
  • However.
  • Nictanthus.
  • Somewhat .
  • For how much.
  • While.
  • Asbestos.

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