What is topographic survey?

What is topographic survey?

Topographic surveying is the act of locating and mapping all surface features of a piece of land.

What is topography and what is it for?

Topography is the science that studies the natural or artificial characteristics of the surface of a land. The objective is to collect data that helps in areas such as civil construction, road systems, mining, industry, among others. If we could summarize the importance of topography in one word, it would be “accuracy”.

What is the objective of the Altimetric survey?

Elevation survey This method can also be called altimetry, and records the degree of slope of a terrain. … Thus, the main function of altimetry is to represent the relief of an area, fundamental information for understanding the characteristics of a terrain.

What should be included in a Topographic Survey?

In general, in a topographic survey, planimetric, altimetric or planialtimetric support points are determined, and from these, other points are surveyed that allow the surveyed area to be represented in greater detail.

What is a planialtimetric survey used for?

The planialtimetric survey is essential for knowing the surface of a given terrain. Carrying out this survey allows the x, y and z coordinates of one or more points to be obtained throughout a given area.

What is a georeferenced planialtimetric survey?

Planialtimetric survey , which is the detailing of the land based on plan measurements, angles and differences in inclination; Georeferencing , which is the topographic survey in which divisions with latitude and longitude limits are verified (using an accuracy of less than 50 cm).

Who can do a planialtimetric survey?

Who can carry out the topographic survey ? The surveying engineer registered with Crea and the surveyor are able to provide this service.

How to carry out a planialtimetric topographic survey?

The step-by-step guide for carrying out such a project is: The surveyor marks a random point with the picket. This point will be the starting point. The remaining points will form a polygonal shape within the terrain. A distance and angle measuring device will be positioned on the starting point: the Total Station.

What are the steps of a topographic survey?

How to do planialtimetric survey in Autocad?


  1. Click Edit on the Survey Task panel ribbon .
  2. Right-click the project, survey , or point group to which you want to add a point.
  3. Select Create new point.
  4. Specify the location of the new point on the map.

What is a cadastral planialtimetric survey?

Service carried out through measurement techniques that allow determining the size, area and gradient of a plot of land, resulting in a topographic plan.

How much does a planialtimetric survey cost?

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