What to do when you receive an extrajudicial notification?

What to do when you receive an extrajudicial notification?

How to make an Extrajudicial Notification ?

  1. Because the notification does not have a standard text or format, the content can be written freely. …
  2. After registration, the Notary’s Office will take steps to deliver the document to the person notified. …
  3. After carrying out the due diligence, the Notary’s Office will issue a certificate relating to the notification .


What is the difference between judicial and extrajudicial action?


” Judicial action is the party’s right to go to court requesting something of right or the resolution of conflicts. … In extrajudicial negotiations , conflicts are sent to an approach between both parties. The parties to the conflicts must establish an agreement between them to avoid going to court.

What is the difference between judicial and extrajudicial inventory?

The Judicial Inventory occurs when the Judiciary must be sought to complete the survey and division of the assets left by the deceased. The extrajudicial inventory was created by Law 11.

What is judicial?

Meaning of Judicial adjective Judiciary; related to justice; refers to what is placed in court, in court: judicial collection . Forensic; that refers to court, forum or justice: judicial action .

What would a lawsuit be?

Legal action is when one of the people sues the other and asks for State interference. The Judiciary, which is our legal authority, is called upon to decide who deserves to win that case.

How long can a lawsuit last?


Average Time But, if it is a criminal action , the time goes to three years and ten months. If it is criminal in the Federal Court, the average is two years and three months. In the Labor Court, the process time in the execution phase is four years and one month.

What happens if I don’t pay a court judgment?

When you do not pay a judicial debt , the creditor may ask the judge for several measures against you: blocking your bank account, registering your name with the SPC and Serasa, seizing your car, seizing real estate, seizing valuable assets and others that you have in your name.

What is debt filing?

Filing a lawsuit means that the debt will be collected in court. … If the action is upheld, you will be sentenced to pay the duly corrected debt + court costs + succumbing fees. If you yourself do not pay, your name will be protested and your assets will be seized.

When can the bank file a debt lawsuit?


Filing a collection action is the bank ‘s right , but when it comes to debts arising from overdrafts, this right is applied in very few cases. … Blocking of assets can only occur by decision of a judge during a judicial process, never solely by determination of the bank .

What is an active debt filed?

Active debt is characterized when the competent body registers the overdue and unpaid debt with the Attorney General of the National Treasury, in the case of the Union. In States and Municipalities, the debt is registered in their respective sections. They then proceed with the tax enforcement process.

Is it possible to pay the outstanding debt filed in installments?

The request for payment in installments may be made by the main debtor taxpayer or by the co-responsible person included in the Union’s active debt registration. In the case of a legal entity taxpayer, the request for payment in installments must be presented by the person responsible before the CNPJ.

When does a debt go into active debt?


An active tax debt is that arising from credit of this nature, regularly registered with the competent administrative department, after the deadline set for payment, by law or by final decision issued in a regular process, has expired.

How do I know if I have active debt in the Union?


  1. Access the REGULARIZE portal and click on the “Consult Active Debt ” option.
  2. Select one of the tabs relating to the nature of the debt you are interested in consulting: ” Non-Social Debt “, ” Social Security Debt ” or ” FGTS Debt “.


How do I know if I have active debt on my CPF?

To consult an active debt, you must contact the Ministry or Department of Finance in your region. The consultation is simple and can be done online. Generally, the responsible body contacts the debtor to inform them about the debts and send a payment summons.

How to check active debt using CPF?

Debt consultation with the Union can be carried out on the Federal Government ‘s Regularize portal. To access the service, you must have the CPF , date of birth, mother’s name, email and telephone number of the person whose debt will be verified.

How do you know if you have CPF debts?

Serasa. Consultation at Serasa is free through an application and the portal (www.serasaconsumidor.com.br). When the consumer accesses the website, they must click on the “Consult Debts ” option, to do so they must register with their personal data, create a password and confirm their email.

How do I know if I have debts in my name?

On the Serasa Consumidor website, it is possible to check negatives in the name . On the home screen, select the “Check debts ” option. You can request to check if you have debts in your name , check the amount of debts , to clear your name or others.

How to check debts that have expired?

However, even lapsed debts can be accessed by banks. They internally maintain their own lists of bad payers with data from the Central Bank, such as those from the Credit Information System (SCR). When you try to obtain credit, they access this data – not just the Serasa and SPC registration.

What happens to debts after 5 years?

What happens to the debts of citizens who have restrictions on SPC and Serasa after 5 years ? Many people believe that they cease to exist. In fact, what happens is that after five years , his name is removed from the negative register, however, his debt does not cease to exist.

How to check Paraná Active Debt?

Simply access the “ Consultation and Issuance System for Protested Active Debt ”, link available above, and:

  1. Enter the debtor’s personal data (CPF or CNPJ) and click “Continue”;
  2. Select the protested debts that the debtor wishes to pay and click the button “Generate Guide(s) for the selected Debt (s)”.


How to check PGFN Active Debt?

Debt Consultation​

  1. Access the REGULARIZE portal and click on the Consult Active Debt option . …
  2. Select one of the tabs relating to the nature of the debt you are interested in consulting the debts: Non-Social Security Debt , Social Security Debt or FGTS Debt .


How to pay active PGFN debt?

To adhere to the proposed transaction by adhesion or extraordinary transaction, the taxpayer must access the REGULARIZE portal and select the “ Debt negotiation ” service > “Access SISPAR” > click on the “Adhesion” menu > “Transaction” option.

How to check Sicoob Federal Revenue debt?

To consult the return reported by banks, in cases of scheduled and unscheduled debits , on the home page of the Federal Revenue website , access SERVICES FOR CITIZENS AND COMPANIES > LIST OF SERVICES > PAYMENTS AND INSTALLMENTS > PAYMENT > AUTHORIZE AND DEACTIVATE AUTOMATIC DEBIT .

How to check active IPVA debt?

Before generating an IPVA collection guide on this Finance Department website, check whether the debt has been included in the active debt by accessing the website www. dividaativa .pge.sp.gov.br and, in the Query option , enter the vehicle’s RENAVAM number or your CPF (or CNPJ) number.

How to print a late IPVA bill?

Just provide your RENAVAM data and vehicle license plate. On the website it is possible to print the invoice for payment. You can also go to the city’s Treasury Department office where your vehicle is registered to check if there is any outstanding debt.

How to generate IPVA active debt invoice?

Related services

  1. Access the REGULARIZE portal and click on the option “Issue Payment Guide” > “Issue partial or full DARF/DAS”.
  2. Then, inform the CPF or CNPJ of the taxpayer debtor and the registration number.

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