Who is actor Caio Junqueira’s father?

Who is actor Caio Junqueira’s father?

Fabio Junqueira

Who is Jonas Torres’ father?

Michael Raible

Who are Caio Junqueira’s parents?

Fabio Junqueira

What happened to actor Jonas Torres?

The actor said that “it was one blow after another. Now I ‘m getting back on my feet. It took a while to digest everything that happened.” He currently lives in Los Angeles, in the United States and works as an English and Portuguese voice actor.

What happened to Jonas Torres?

Jonas Torres currently lives in Los Angeles and has done some work as a voice actor there, in English and Portuguese.

How old was Caio Junqueira?

42 years (1976–2019)

How old is actor Jonas Torres?

46 years old (September 22, 1974)

Who is Caio Junqueira’s father?

Fabio Junqueira

Who are Jonas Torres’ parents?

Maria Inez

In what year was Caio Junqueira born?

November 15, 1976

How old is Caio Junqueira?

42 years (1976–2019)

In what year did Caio Junqueira die?

January 23, 2019

Who died in the movie Elite Squad?

Actor Caio Junqueira, who played aspiring Neto in the film Tropa de Elite (2007), died at the age of 42 this Wednesday, in Rio de Janeiro, victim of complications from a car accident.

Who made the movie Tropa de Elite?

Rodrigo Pimentel

Which artist died from SBT?

Edson Montenegro

Which SBT artist died?

Kleber Lopes

How is child actor Pedro Malta doing today?

Today , seventeen years later, he is a writer and dreams of becoming a collaborator in some audiovisual production. From Recif, the actor currently works as an advertising writer and says he is recognized on the streets because of his work on TV.

Who died 2020?

Deaths in January 2020

Day Name Nationality
26 Tunai Brazil
26 Kobe Bryant U.S
26 Marcos César Formiga Ramos Brazil
26 Louis Nirenberg U.S

Which Record actor died today?

Actor Léo Rosa died on Tuesday (9) at the age of 37 after more than two years of fighting cancer that started in the testicles and spread to other parts of the body . The artist worked on Record TV productions such as Escrava Mãe and Vidas Opostas.

Which actor died from the soap opera Amor de Mãe?

Leo Rosa

Who is the actor Léo Rosa who has cancer?

Actor Leonardo Rosa da Silva, known as Léo Rosa , died this Tuesday (9), aged 37, in Rio de Janeiro. He had been facing cancer since 2018 , which started in the testicles and then spread to other areas of the body.

Which of the Galvão sisters died?

Singer and accordionist Adelaide Chiozzo died this Wednesday morning (4) in a hospital in Tijuca, in the North Zone of Rio.

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