Advantages and disadvantages of entrepreneurship

Jumping headlong into the pool of entrepreneurship involves a lot of responsibility and sacrifice. And the possible, but not certain, benefits to be achieved are an ideal to achieve for some, but not for everyone.

If you are considering starting a business, this article will help you discover if it is a good idea for you . Of course, the decision must be made by you. But surely these clues will make this important choice easier for you.

Entrepreneurship involves sacrifice and uncertainty

Undertaking is a path full of obstacles , of people and institutions that will make reviled efforts to get us off the path. The excessive taxes, the sleepless nights and the ruthless schedules are just a small sample of the price that must be paid for making the decision to embark on a solo career path, where we are our own bosses, and we owe nothing more than to ourselves. our client portfolio.

The motivations that lead each person to undertake are different, from the dream of achieving the long-awaited financial freedom , to the possibility of giving shape to a great project , or the escape from a suffocating job .

A guru profile has proliferated on the Internet that incessantly encourages people to undertake, promising enormous benefits in record time. However, these promises are far from the business reality in any country. It is not enough to have a business idea, it is not enough to have the will to crystallize that idea, it is not enough to have the necessary capital; You have to make a plan . Know the market , our potential clients and also our competition, in addition to making an appropriate investment in marketing .

No one can give us the recipe for success, but there are a series of decisions that will irrevocably lead us to failure. Be aware that entrepreneurship is a long-distance race , and that a good idea is never enough . This will be at the mercy of our leadership capacity, inventiveness, human team and available means to be able to materialize it.

Giving up our life as we knew it, breaking our habits and starting to forge our own path , often alone, brings disappointment, but also success, money and, sometimes, glory. There is usually a lack of transparency when talking about entrepreneurs, stories that usually focus on successes, forgetting failures. From both the advantages and disadvantages of entrepreneurship, we can draw a positive note, useful for our task.

Advantages of entrepreneurship

  • Stability: The times when people started as an apprentice in a company, continuing their entire career in the same company until the day they retired, have gone down in history. Labor mobility has brought with it greater uncertainty. Self-employment in many cases can be a future guarantee of periodic income. It is true that at first, if we start from scratch, a fog appears on the horizon that prevents us from seeing the future, but once we have established a customer base we will be able to rest easier. Being our own boss will provide us with a series of tools so that we never lack income.
  • Autonomy: It is possible that as entrepreneurs we have to give up more hours of our time to our work activity, but we can do it as we please, in the schedules we set for ourselves, being much more flexible than those of any company. Learning to manage our time effectively is beneficial both in the area of ​​self-discipline and psychological stress. This does not mean that we have to put aside responsibility and perseverance, but quite the opposite; These will be our insignia. Constantly seeking excellence to offer the best to our clients will be our reason for being.
  • Gratification: Working as a salaried employee is usually something very impersonal, a situation where we rarely see a correlation between our salary, the client’s gratitude and the job we perform. It is difficult for us to feel a special bond with the company, no matter how much empty talk they try to agitate the insufferable corporatist programs so common in large multinationals. We will be more aware of ourselves, of our possibilities, without imposing a growth ceiling on ourselves, and we will see a fair reward for the sacrifices made. When we are wrong it will be our fault, and when we are right; also.
  • Income: No one can guarantee that you will earn more money than working as an employee, but in the long term it is not difficult to increase your income or even multiply it. It is increasingly rare to find companies that offer attractive salaries and conditions to their employees, which is why entrepreneurship is revealed as an effective tool to escape precariousness. As things go well for us, we will have greater credit options, which will allow us to accumulate assets.
  • Freedom : We are free, always, of course, within the legislative framework. The price of freedom is high, but more than often it is worth it. We will be able to do what we want, changing our business model and pursuing our purposes, in addition to being able to geographically zone the development of our commercial activity. This can give meaning to life that in other circumstances would have remained hidden.

Disadvantages of entrepreneurship

  • Time: Nobody gives anything away, and less and less. Once upon a time, competition was scarce, and easy business opportunities arose around every corner, but those times are over. Starting out, standing out and being the best at what you do will require an investment of time that is often greater than what we would have to do if we were on the payroll of another company. This can translate into exhausting days, failure to attend important commitments, and the constant need to learn in order to effectively perform various tasks, sometimes even going beyond the acquired skills.
  • Cost: The cost of investing is not exactly low, although now with the Internet an infinite path of possibilities opens up where to start, but in many cases it does not require large investments. Those directly responsible for the economic viability of our company are ourselves, as well as those responsible for responding with our assets in the event of bankruptcy or non-payment of debt. This can lead to ruin, which would initially curtail our capacity for self-sufficiency.
  • Uncertainty: Jumping into the pool is always complicated, and uncertainty will be present all along the way, at least until we have consolidated a customer base and prestige in the sector. Meanwhile, we will be subject to unexpected turns, surprise inspections, undesirable events, and a series of experiences that were completely foreign to us and that will suddenly become part of our daily lives. Over time, these fears will dissipate and we will learn to deal with frustration.
  • Taxes: This statement is not intended to be a criticism of any tax system in the world, but rather an x-ray of the reality in which many countries live. In many places in the world, it is the self-employed, entrepreneurs and companies that drive public spending, and the number one objective of bureaucrats. Taxes are a burden for most companies that have barely begun to see the slightest profit. We need to spend money on an agency that keeps us up to date with the treasury.

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