Company welcome manual

A company’s welcome manual is defined as the key document to efficiently add new employees.

This document completes the onboarding process, explains the company culture and lets workers know any practical aspects they need to take into account.

The welcome manual also serves to guide you during the first days when you start working and is used as a reference document to seek solutions to any questions that may arise later.

Tips to correctly write the Business Welcome Manual

Be concise and direct

welcome manualMost welcome manuals make the mistake of making their content abundant and lengthy, resulting in employees never reading them.

It is advisable to include only the necessary parts, maintain a simple and direct style, do not use repetitions and link long documents to web pages if necessary.

Make it personal

New employees want to feel important, so it is right to make an effort to make this possible on an individual basis.

For this, each person’s name is written at the beginning of the welcome manual, a letter written by the director of the company or some detail that is related to the employee’s personal life is included. The writing should be composed of positivism.

Include practical and useful information

The welcome manual document should be made up of practical and useful information about the company and the daily hustle and bustle of employees. Information is added about teleworking, nearby parking, extensions, office telephone numbers, schedules, passwords, contract details, payroll collection date, sick leave request, vacation days and any logistical or administrative procedure. The purpose is that the welcome manual can answer any questions and enable employees to start working immediately.

Present the history of the company

Employees must know the history of the company, the organizational chart, its founders, the corporate culture and its particularities.

Workers can more easily identify with the project, vision, values, mission and feel part of the new organization. The welcome manual should be used to lead them in this direction and highlight the most important particularities in the company.

Add some fun

A boring welcome manual does not attract attention. It is advisable to speak the same language as new employees, integrate them so that they participate and achieve their engagement by including gamification techniques. This will generate enthusiasm on the part of newcomers and transmit an image of innovation and modernity that will infect everyone equally.

Keep the law in mind

Employees and the company must carry out a set of legal requirements that are included in the welcome manual. We think about issues related to the prevention of occupational risks, safety, medical examinations, employee health, information confidentiality policies and particular issues in the sector. All this information must be included in the welcome manual to avoid any type of inconsistency in the future.

Request feedback

With the intention of improving the welcome manual, the request for feedback is placed at the end of it and also in all the communication that is sent. New employees have extensive knowledge about what they require in their jobs, their doubts, the information they need and how they can improve the manual document so that it is more useful to employees. All of this information is gathered and placed in the document.

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