Services provided by security companies

Security companies offer private security services with the intention of protecting the rights and assets for which they were hired. These protected interests are normally private in nature, such as warehouses, buildings, land, homes, among others.

These services are normally carried out with private security, which include: protection of properties, merchandise, their occupants, controlling access to them, investigation of the private interests of companies and people, services provided by security guards, private detectives. , escorts, protection of individuals, operation and installation of systems such as surveillance systems and security alarms, etc.

To provide these services, it is usually necessary that the local authorities allow the carrying of licenses that correspond to security companies and their collaborators. It is also possible that the State pays a fee for the services of these companies to complement the activities carried out by public officials and organizations to protect citizens.

Services provided by Security Companies

Indefinite contracts and discontinuous fixed contracts: differences
Indefinite contracts and discontinuous fixed contracts: differences

There are various services that security companies provide, among which the following are mentioned:

Escort services

The escort service can be seen in various countries. This is mostly used to protect the safety and lives of some classes of people such as politicians, famous personalities and other individuals who understand that they need this service.

Surveillance services

This type of service is considered the main and most popularly known by people. As its name specifies, it consists of surveillance and its main objective is to protect places, goods, shows or events of importance and great magnitude.

Explosives transportation service

Different from the previous service, this one is little known by people but at the same time it is extremely necessary. This service involves the transportation of explosive elements or objects that require special, adequate and very professional treatment and surveillance.

armored transport service

Other services offered by security companies is armored transportation. This is required when transporting money and also to transport some merchandise that has an extremely high value and needs to be protected in this way to move from one place to another.

alarm service

Security companies offer their clientele the alarm reception service or system. This means that when the alarm system detects a threat in the company or in the person’s home, it automatically activates an alarm that is directed and received by the security company to act for the benefit and to protect the property.

Security systems service

Lastly, another service that security companies offer is the maintenance and installation of security systems. Generally, homes and businesses have surveillance systems that are monitored and require maintenance and installation by trained professionals to perform this service. It should be noted that, within the field of home security, there are more elements than alarm systems and surveillance cameras, such as security locks and security bars for doors .

Legal Compliance

Importance of Internal Business RegulationsIn order for private security companies to perform their functions and services, they must comply with some legal requirements. Taking into account the place in which the company is working and also where it will provide its services, along with the type of functions it provides, it must comply with regulations and legal requirements such as those mentioned below:

  • Citizen liability insurance.
  • Legal constitution of the company or society.
  • Qualification of the personnel that make up the company such as technicians, security guards and installers along with management positions.
  • Enabling state agencies related to private security such as local police.
  • Legitimate collective user of weapons in state organizations where weapons control exists.

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