Airtm: what is it and how does it work?

Airtm is a very popular digital wallet . Stay with us if you want to know how it works, how to use it, what its commissions are, what other online payment platforms are compatible with it, what requirements exist to become an Airtm ATM… We explain that and much more.

What is Airtm?

Airtm is a platform that aims to offer users the possibility of saving money, either in dollars or euros . In addition, it serves as a bridge between users when making changes from one currency to another. For this reason it has many clients, since it is considered a fairly reliable alternative.

We can also refer to Airtm as a digital wallet in force since 2015 , whose prestige is due to the security it provides, since when making currency changes there is no risk of suffering from any type of scam.

This digital tool also stands out for being an excellent option in countries where changing to a foreign currency can be complicated . As well as a means that allows the exchange of cryptocurrencies for local money and the exchange of money from other virtual wallets such as PayPal.

How to use Airtm?

If you belong to the group of people who receive payments in a currency other than the legal tender in the country you are in, Airtm offers you a variety of benefits when making the currency changes you need . If you want to know the steps to take advantage of this platform, stay with us a little longer.

Register with your personal information

The first thing to be able to use their system is to register an Airtm account . Their system is very friendly and easy to use. You only have to enter the personal data requested in a detailed and truthful manner . One of the things it will ask you to do is indicate whether you want to create a business or individual account .

Next, the platform will send a message to verify your registration. Once the step is completed, you will have to add the remaining personal data and you will immediately get a dollar for your registration .

Additionally, every time a person registers with your email, they will give you a two-dollar reward.

Verify your account

Account verification is very easy . It consists of going to the settings menu and selecting the verification option. The main requirement is that you send your identity document through an image of both sides of it, as well as a photo showing your face . Validation of your data may take up to five business days.

With the validation of your identity also come many gifts, including amounts of more than 25 dollars or the possibility of being a cashier and being able to buy money in different currencies.

Platforms that work with Airtm

One of the advantages of Airtm is that it is a platform compatible with other digital wallets . Therefore, if you have money in a wallet such as Skrill , you can transfer it whenever you like.

Other platforms that work with Airtm are PayPal, Apple Pay, Payoneer, Venmo, Payeer, Advcash, MPesa and many more. As you can see, it is a very versatile wallet with many allies.

Airtm commissions according to each country

Commissions on Airtm will depend on the payment method selected and the country you are in . However, the base commission is $0.30 for each transaction, although you must take into account the aforementioned and know that, depending on the country where you are located, the commission may be high.

Is Airtm trustworthy?

It is a 100% reliable platform that has been growing over the years. The money always arrives at the chosen destination and the ATMs are certified, which guarantees that there will be no fraud.

Another advantage is that they have a support and customer service system in case there is any irregularity regarding the money you send or receive. Therefore, it is highly secure and reliable.

What does it take to be an Airtm cashier?

If you want to become an Airtm cashier, you must first have at least ten successful transactions as a customer , as well as a score of more than 4 stars . This way, the platform will know that you are a trustworthy person. Once the main requirements have been specified, you can now send your application .

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