What does the Bible say about concubines?

What does the Bible say about concubines?

Concubine in the Bible indicates a woman conjugally united to a man, but in a relationship inferior to that of a wife.

In the Bible, a concubine is a woman who lives with a man as if she were a wife, but without having the same status as a wife. Concubines in the patriarchal era and later had a lower rank: they were “secondary” wives. A concubine could not marry her master due to her status as a slave, although, for her, the relationship was exclusive and continuous. At first, it appears that concubines were used to give birth to men whose wives were barren (see Genesis 16:1-4 ). Later, it appears that concubines were kept simply for sexual pleasure (see 2 Chronicles 11:21 ). Concubines in Israel possessed some of the same rights as legitimate wives, without the same respect.

While it is true that the Bible nowhere explicitly condemns concubinage, an implicit condemnation can be found from the beginning of time. According to Genesis 2:21-24 , God’s original intention was for marriage to be between a man and a woman, and that has never changed ( Genesis 1:27 ). In fact, a study of the lives of men such as King David and King Solomon (who had 300 concubines; 1 Kings 11:3 ) reveals that many of their problems stemmed from polygamous relationships ( 2 Samuel 11:2-4 ).

The Bible never explains why God allowed men to have concubines. He also allowed divorce and polygamy, although neither was part of his original plan for marriage. Jesus said that God allowed divorce because of the hardness of men’s hearts ( Matthew 19:8 ). We can assume that the same hardness of heart led to polygamy and concubinage.

We can also assume a reason based on the culture of the time. Single women in ancient times were completely dependent on their family members, such as their parents, brothers, etc. If for some reason a woman had no family or her husband had died or divorced, she had few options left to survive. Most ancient women were neither educated nor trained in a trade. It was very difficult to support themselves and they were vulnerable to those who took advantage of them. For many women in desperate situations, becoming a concubine was a much more suitable option than prostitution, homelessness or death. At the very least, a concubine would have a home and receive some care.

It seems that God permitted the sin of concubinage, in part, to provide for women in need, although it was certainly not an ideal situation. Sin is never ideal. Christians need to be reminded that just because God allows a sin for a time, it does not mean that God is happy with it. Many biblical accounts teach that God can take what some intend for evil and use it for good (e.g., Genesis 50:20 ).

What does the Bible say about concubines

What is a concubine in Bible times?

Concubinage , also called impure concubinage , is the legal bond between a man and a woman prevented from marrying and forming a stable union, precisely because at least one of them is already effectively married, is in a stable union or presents any of the impediments to the marriage in light of art.

What is the difference between women and concubines?

The main difference between a wife and a concubine is that the man does not marry the concubine , and the concubine does not have the same legal rights and protections as a wife .

What does the word mean?

Meaning of Word [Grammar] Vocabulary provided with meaning; term. [Figured] Demonstration of opinions, thoughts, feelings or emotions through language: I was speechless in front of her. Statement that is made with conviction; commitment made verbally; statement: he took my word for it .

What is resentment in the spiritist view?

Squeamishness is nothing more than a disposition to resent, take offense (usually over insignificant things), a type of susceptibility in which we are easily hurt .

How to stop being squeamish?

Second: don’t pay too much attention, especially if there are other people present, as they will do anything to attract attention. Sometimes it’s helpful to show squeamish people , people who face real problems. Perhaps this will help them see themselves in a different way and thus adopt a positive attitude.

What does the word encalacrado mean?

Meaning of Encalacrado Action of putting oneself in a difficult situation; confused, stuck, embarrassed, in debt.

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