What does the word Copy mean?

What does the word Copy mean?

Meaning of Compile direct transitive verb Condense something (documents, texts, poetry, etc.) into a single work: compile articles, compile loose poems.

What is compiled?

Compile comes from the verb compile . The same as: collect, gather, glean.

What is compiling data?

Data compilation is a fundamental process for analyzing research results. … Compiling is the stage of research after collection, all of which are essential for obtaining effective information for analysis. However, if the collection is not well targeted, it may end up harming the compilation.

What is compiling code?

The compiler is a program capable of translating the source code of a software, written in a high-level language, into a type of equivalent program, written in another language, which is semantically equivalent, but capable of being read by processors.

What is synonymous compilation?

synonyms of compilation for 1 sense of the word compilation : Collection: 1 compilation, meeting, selection, collection, collection, compilation, compilation, repertoire.

What is a dictionary?

Meaning of Dictionary masculine noun Compilation containing words from a language, presenting their meaning , use, etymology, synonyms, antonyms or with translation into another language: Portuguese dictionary ; Portuguese-English dictionary . … Etymology (origin of the word dictionary ).

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