What is the food chain?

What is the food chain?

The food chain , also called the trophic chain , can be defined as a linear sequence of the transfer of matter and energy in an ecosystem, in which it is possible to observe a sequence of organisms serving as food for others.

What is a trophic level?

Trophic level , also known as dietary level , represents the biotic group (animals and plants) that make up the same ecosystem, and in which they have similar eating habits. … All consumers who feed on producer beings are considered primary or first-order consumers (herbivores).

What are the trophic levels?

Answer: There are 4 trophic levels in this food chain, the plant occupies the producer level , as it produces food for the primary consumer (herbivores). the frog occupies the level of secondary consumer because it consumes herbivorous animals, in this case the herbivore is the caterpillar.

What is trophic level Brainly?

“ Trophic levels ” or “ food levels ” represent the hierarchy of food grades. They indicate the order in which energy flows in a given food chain (or trophic chain ), through processes that involve the transport of energy and matter in the ecosystem.

What are the trophic levels occupied by the snake?

The snake , which feeds on the rat, occupies the third trophic level , that of secondary consumer (carnivore). The eagle, which feeds on snakes , occupies the fourth trophic level , that of tertiary consumer (carnivore). Decomposers are generally not represented in chains, as they act at different trophic levels .

Which Trophic level has the greatest amount of energy?

The highest energy level in terrestrial ecosystems is made up of chlorophyll plants (producers). The rest of the ecosystem is entirely dependent on the energy captured by them, after being transferred and stored in organic compounds. The immediate level is made up of herbivores.

What does the word trophic mean?

Meaning of Trophic adjective Relating to food (of an individual, living tissue, etc.).

Are trophic levels 1 examples in food chains and webs?

Are they:

  • Producers: they are the first trophic level to be analyzed in a food chain and also in a web . …
  • Consumers: organisms that are not capable of producing their own food and are therefore heterotrophic.


What is the order of the food chain?

In the food chain , organisms establish a feeding relationship in an ecosystem. The chain is made up of producers, consumers and decomposers. In the environment, living beings interact with each other, transferring matter and energy through nutrition. … Each step in the food chain is called a trophic level.

What are consumer animals?

Animals ( herbivores, carnivores or omnivores) do not produce their food, which is why they are considered consumer beings .

Who are the consumers in the food chain?

Consumers . … Primary consumers : Represented by herbivores, they feed on producer beings. Secondary consumers : Represented by carnivores, they feed on primary consumers . Tertiary consumers : Represented by large carnivores and predators.

Who are the Quaternary consumers?

Some food chains have additional levels, such as quaternary consumers , which are carnivorous animals that eat tertiary consumers . Organisms at the very top of the food chain are called apex consumers .

What is the food chain 4th year?

Food chain is the relationship between matter and energy that living beings use to survive, that is, the relationships necessary to search for energy through food. In a simplified way, the sequence of organisms that serve as food for each other can be classified as a food chain .

How many consumers are there in this food chain? What are they?

Response. Answer: there are 4 consumers . Explanation: Consumers are organisms that feed on other organisms, as all animals do.

What are the consumer organisms?

Organisms considered primary consumers are those that feed on producers, secondary consumers are those that feed on primary ones ; and the tertiaries feed on the secondary ones and so on.

What living beings are part of all food chains?

The chain is made up of producers, consumers and decomposers. In the environment, living beings interact with each other, transferring matter and energy through nutrition.

What are the types of herbivorous animals?

See below some examples of herbivorous animals :

  • Bee.
  • Blue Arara.
  • Butterfly.
  • Horse.
  • Koala.
  • Rabbit.
  • Termite.
  • Elephant.


What are Herbivorous animals examples?

Herbivorous animals are those animals that have a diet based on the ingestion of vegetables and/or algae. This is the case, for example , of cattle and caterpillars, animals that feed on plants. To ensure good use of the food they eat, these animals have a series of adaptations.

Which animals are herbal carnivores and omnivores?

Herbivores : These are those that feed on plant sources. Omnivores : They are those who feed on plant and animal sources . These animals have a very varied diet. Examples: bear, bat, maned wolf, tortoise, pig, coati, fox, opossum, chimpanzee, crow, seagull, emu, ostrich and rat.

What are carnivorous and omnivorous herbivorous animals?

Animals can be classified according to the type of food they eat into herbivores , carnivores and omnivores . – Herbivores : are those who feed only on vegetables. … The giraffe is a herbivore , as it only feeds on vegetables. – Carnivores : are those that only feed on other animals.

What is the carnivorous animal?

Most carnivorous animals are mammals, but the variation in species is enormous, we have carnivorous animals represented by all classes of animals . Among them are: crocodiles, eagles, owls, dolphins, cats, whales, sharks, snakes, lions, tigers, lizards, otters, wolves, spiders, etc.

What are herbivores?

Herbivorous animals are beings adapted to eat autotrophic living beings , that is, they produce their own food, such as leaves, algae, fruits and some bacteria and fungi. Because of this, they are also animals with some body parts adapted for eating vegetables, such as the mouth and stomach.

What are carnivorous animals?

Other examples of carnivorous animals

  • puppy.
  • cat.
  • seal.
  • walrus.
  • hyena.
  • whale.
  • dolphin.
  • tiger.


What are carnivorous animals and examples?

Carnivorous animals are those that feed mainly on the meat of other animals. They are predators, as they attack and kill their prey in order to feed on their meat. Most carnivorous mammals are terrestrial or arboreal (living mainly in trees).

What is omnivorous?

Omnivorous animals are those that feed on plant and animal sources, that is, an omnivore has a very varied diet. The origin of the word omnivore comes from Latin and means the union of the terms “omnis” and “vorus” which means “one who eats everything.

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