What is the name of Superm’s fandom?

What is the name of Superm’s fandom?

The “M” in SuperM stands for “Matrix” and “Master”, with each member already an established star in their own groups….About.

My Score
Members Baekhyun | Taemin | Kai | Taeyong | Ten | Luke | Mark
debut October 4, 2019 (
Fandom and official color
Company SM Entertainment

What is Hyphen’s fandom name?


What is the most hated fandom?

  1. 1 Park Bom. Since her debut in 2NE1 she has been criticized, despite her having a very large fandom , she is hated a lot . …
  2. 2 Lay EXO. Lay is greatly hated by a large number of “fans” in Korea. …
  3. 3 Sulli. …
  4. 4 Sojin. …
  5. 5 Taeyeon Girl’s Generation. …
  6. 6 CL. …
  7. 7 J-Hope BTS. …
  8. 8 Hwasa MAMAMOO.

What is the most toxic fandom in K-pop?


What is the name of Blackpink fans?

Blackpink fans , called blinks, are super excited as the long  awaited release date for the group’s first album has finally been announced: October 2nd.

What is the name of BTS fans?

What is Army: Name given to fans of BTS (Kpop group).

What is the worst fandom in the world?

Army is BTS’s fandom . The biggest fandom in K-Pop today. There’s no point saying: “But the BTS fandom only has toxic people, and the x and y fandom only has nice and respectful people.”, believe me, this is very hypocritical. In every corner of the world there are toxic people, disrespectful people.

What is the biggest fandom in the world 2020?

The Army fandom led the internet vote with more than 15 million votes.

What is the biggest fandom in the world?

The 15 biggest fandoms in the world !

  • Army (BTS) Youtube: + 40 million subscribers + 16 billion video views. Social Media: + 65 million followers (Instagram and Twitter) …
  • Little Monsters (Lady Gaga) Youtube: + 18 million subscribers. …
  • Swifties (Taylor Swift) Youtube: + 40 million subscribers.

How many fans does BTS have?

And like any company, the Fan Army is obsessed with metrics: One Twitter account, @btsanalytics, which pumps out data on record sales, YouTube views and music streaming numbers, has more than 2.5 million followers .

Which country has the most ARMYs?

Surprisingly, South Korea ranks 2nd in terms of having the most ARMYs with around 495.

What is the biggest Brazilian fandom?

is voted the biggest fandom of all at the MTV EMA 2018!

How many fans does Now United have?


Representative Country Number and Member Birth
U.S 7 Noah March 31, 2001 Orange, California
China 8 Krystian January 22, 2000 Beijing
Philippines 9 Bailey August 6, 2002 Cebu, Cebu
Japan 10 Hina October 12, 2001 Niiza, Saitama

How many Armies are there?

An estimated 10 million people are part of the ARMY fandom . The international fandom is actually bigger than the Korean fandom. I researched other social networks, including Twitter and communities like Reddit and Amino Apps, where international fans congregate.

Who is better BTS or Now United?

In the music-oriented categories, the big winners were Anitta and BTS . … “Facilita” by Kevinho was the best song and the “Uniters” (the Now United fans who performed at the ceremony) were celebrated as the best fandom.

Who is more famous BTS or Night?

BTS ‘s V breaks PSY’s record, with song ‘Sweet Night ‘ at the top of iTunes in 87 countries.

Who is the leader of Now United?

Josh Beauchamp

Who is most famous Now United?

The creator of Now United is none other than Simon Fuller, one of the most respected music industry executives in the world.

Which country listens to Now United the most?

DON’T STOP GROWING! Overtaking the USA, Angola, Morocco, Russia and several other countries , Finland has become the seventh country that listens to Now United the most on YouTube, accumulating +147 THOUSAND views.

What is Now United’s most watched clip?

Check out Now United ‘s biggest hits released in 2020:

  • Come Together. Clip on YouTube: 50 million views. Audio on Spotify: 9.6 million streams. …
  • By My Side. Clip on YouTube: 22.1 million views. …
  • Dana Dana. Clip on YouTube: 20.1 million views. …
  • One Love feat. R4Hab.

What is Now United’s most watched clip?

One Love

What is Now United’s most played song?

Most played

  • Come Together.
  • Beautiful Life.
  • Paradise.
  • Paraná
  • Legends.
  • Dana Dana.
  • Somebody.
  • Habibi.

How many songs does Now United have and what are they?

Now United discography
Now United in 2018
Singles 45
Music videos 42
Collaborations two

Where was Now United’s Come Together recorded?

Coyote Dry Lake

Where was the video who would think that love recorded?

Puebla, Mexico

Where was the Paraná clip recorded?

FitDance Studio

Where was the clip na na na recorded?

Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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