What is the role of an administrative technician?

What is the role of an administrative technician?

Prepare administrative documents, such as official letters, information or technical opinions , memos, minutes, etc. … Prepare data and information surveys.

What does an administrative technician at Ibama do?

Administrative Technician distribution and control of consumable and permanent materials; monitoring the execution and inspection of contracts; preparation and checking of various calculations; preparation, review, reproduction, dispatch and archiving of documents and correspondence.

How much does an administrative technician at Ibama earn?


What does an environmental technician at Ibama do?

Environmental Licensing . Environmental Monitoring, Regulation, Control, Inspection and Auditing . Management, Protection and Control of Environmental Quality .

What positions do you have at Ibama?

IBAMA competition : positions and vacancies Law nº 10.

Who can act as an environmental analyst?

The requirement to apply for the position of Environmental Analyst is to have a degree in any higher-level course recognized by the Ministry of Education or registration with a specific professional body, when applicable. The activities carried out by this professional are: … Licensing and environmental auditing .

What competitions are planned for 2021?

Competitions scheduled for 2021

  • 01 Competitions scheduled for 2021 .
  • 02 Federal Police Competition (open)
  • 03 IBGE Competition .
  • 04 Central Bank Competition .
  • 05 Federal Comptroller General Competition .
  • 06 Federal Revenue Competition .
  • 07 Federal Highway Police Competition (open)
  • 08 Funai Competition .

Which Ibama position involves carrying weapons?

Employees who work in environmental inspection have the right to carry a firearm granted by Dipro (Protection Directorate) after authorization from CGFIS (General Coordinator of Environmental Inspection). Both are internal bodies of Ibama .

How much is the salary of an Ibama inspector?

In the role of Environmental Inspector, you start by earning R$1.

How to join the GEF?

To join the GEF , he had to complete a demanding survival course, with tests such as jumping from helicopters, finding food, and combat training with firearms and knives.

Can there be a public tender in 2021?

On May 2, 2020, the old “Mansueto Plan” was approved in the Federal Senate, which directly affects the holding of public competitions until December 31, 2021 . … Article eight of the approved law prohibits, until the end of 2021 : Increases in civil servants’ remuneration (including benefits);

When does the competition for Military Police 2021 open?

PM PA contest summary

Contest Military Police of the State of Pará ( PM PA competition)
Registrations from to 01/14/2021 ( extended )
Registration fee from R$76.00 to R$88.00
Objective test date 02/28/ 2021 – Officers (applied) 03/07/ 2021 Female soldier (applied) 03/14/ 2021 Male soldier (suspended)

When does registration open for PM 2020?

PM SP SOLDADO The panel is Vunesp – chosen in March 2020 . Registration for this event was opened between January 14th and February 25th, 2021. The fee was R$57.00 .

Do I need to have a driver’s license to take the PM exam?

Yes, according to the latest notices for the position of Military Police Soldier, the candidate to take office and join the corporation must have a National Driving License ( CNH ) of at least category “B”.

What do I need to take the PM test?

Some of the requirements to take the PM test are:

  1. Be born or naturalized Brazilian;
  2. Be over 18 years old before the date of enrollment in the training course;
  3. Be up to date with your military (if you are a male candidate) and electoral obligations, with proof of this;

What is needed to take the PM exam?

What do I do to join the military police?

  1. Being Brazilian.
  2. Have a minimum age of 18 and a maximum of 30 years.
  3. Have a minimum height of 1.65m, for both sexes.
  4. Being in compliance with military obligations (men)
  5. Be up to date with electoral obligations.
  6. Have a national driving license.

What do you need to be a police car driver?

The general ones are:

  1. Being Brazilian.
  2. Be at least 18 years old and at most 45.
  3. Be up to date with military (men) and electoral obligations.
  4. No criminal record.
  5. Have a higher education degree for most positions.

What is the salary of a Civil Police clerk?

The position of Police Clerk starts by earning R$4.

What does it take to be a female civil police officer?

Basic requirements you need to be a female civil police officer

  1. being Brazilian;
  2. be up to date with electoral obligations;
  3. have the CPF regularized;
  4. complete higher education;
  5. minimum age of 18 years (in some notices the minimum age is 21 years and for certain positions the maximum age is 45 years);

What is the salary of a Rota police officer?

Police Area


How much does a BAEP police officer earn?


What is the salary of an Army soldier?

As a result, a Soldier’s starting salary is around R$3,000. But this is at the beginning of your career, as it is possible to earn up to R$10,000 when you reach the position of Warrant Officer. Check out how much a military police officer earns in the country’s states (here are the values ​​after the Training Course): ACRE: R$3.

What are the route patents?



How many vehicles are on the route?

Of the first 20 vehicles , 10 will be delivered to Rondas Ostensivas Tobias de Aguiar ( Rota ), two to the 4th Baep (responsible for the east zone of the Capital), three to the 7th Baep (responsible for the center of São Paulo) and five to the 14th Baep, which is yet to be opened, responsible for the Sorocaba region.

What is the order of military ranks?

As in a company, the Brazilian Armed Forces have hierarchies, which are formed by military ranks …. Graduates

  • second class cabin boy;
  • soldier second class;
  • first class cabin boy;
  • soldier first class;
  • chief cabin boy;
  • cable;
  • third sergeant;
  • second sergeant;

What are the police ranks?


  • General Commander – Colonel PM.
  • Colonel PM.
  • Lieutenant Colonel PM.
  • Major PM.
  • Captain PM.
  • 1st Lieutenant PM.
  • 2nd Lieutenant PM.
  • Aspiring PM Officer.

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