What is the Work Sheet? What are its characteristics?

The worksheet is one where the information that has been used in various investigative reports is organized documentary-wise, and that corresponds to any category. It is used with the purpose that the arguments of the sources taken into account, or the records that were used in the investigation, are:

  • Selected
  • Abbreviated
  • Targeted

These sheets provide information regarding the execution regarding the descriptions, as well as the reports or any disclosure. If they are prepared correctly, no additional consultation is necessary to the primary editing sources.

Typically, within the characteristics of the worksheet, they are physically presented in a rectangular shape on cardboard paper. However, with technological advances and progress, worksheets are now also found as electronic type records. To see some examples of worksheets , I invite you to access the educational site Examples.net. Let’s see below what the main characteristics of the worksheet are:


The records corresponding to the worksheets can in principle be easily collected in the usual way, it is only necessary to have data such as those corresponding to the author.

Likewise, the title that is original from the respective source is required. We must know the number of the page or pages on which the information is found. As well as the topic that was used and the edition date. In addition, those records that have been added to the publication, such as the editorial body and the number of copies, are also important.

The facts and ideas

The work sheet must reflect the content of:

  • Ideas
  • Trials
  • Collected facts

The same ones that start from a source that is ideal and that also contains an effective purpose. Its main function is to make knowledge the preparation of a project.

Generally, the worksheet is used to present what was achieved during the report or what has been advanced regarding some investigation.

The meeting of various sources

If the worksheet is correctly prepared, it will be possible for users to quickly locate, just by reviewing the worksheet in an efficient and easy way, sources corresponding to various places such as:

  • Books
  • Projects
  • Journals
  • Business reports

The title and header

The topic discussed is usually placed in the header. This must be the most important thing that the file contains. Likewise, it is possible to create a subtopic which refers to issues that are of greater particularity, such as an important chapter within the report. So, if it is useful, it will be good to add it to the subtopic content, so that it is drawn to the reader’s attention.


In order to make the corresponding reference to what you want to notify, it is necessary to locate the content of the job sheet. Even when these files are independent, it is of utmost importance to avoid locating sources from similar files.

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