What suppresses synonyms?

What suppresses synonyms?

16 synonyms of suppress for 1 sense of the word suppress : Put an end to something: 1 end, close, stop, interrupt, annul, abolish, close, close, erase, disappear, extinguish, secede, limit, atermam, revoke, derogate.

What is a suppressor?

Designation of who or what suppresses a certain action or certain result.

What is a suppressor on a gun?

A silencer, noise suppressor or muffler is a device that reduces the speed at which the gases produced by the gunpowder explosion are expelled from the gun barrel , thus reducing the sound of the shot.

What is a transient suppressor?

TVSS ( Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor ) and SPD (Surge Protective Device) both refer to the device that can protect the low voltage electrical system from damage caused by transients , spikes or surges (indirect lightning strike induced by power lines).

What is a suppressor for?

suppressor can have two functionalities. The first is to “muffle” the sound, as we see in movies on TV, it serves to silence the sound of the shot, suppressing the air in the gun barrel, giving rise to the name Suppressor . The second function is aesthetic, as it changes the look of your rifle or pistol.

How do you spell the word include?

1st person singular present tense. The correct thing is it includes, with final i. It is, however, often incorrectly conjugated, being incorrectly written it includes, with and final.

What does the word hatch mean?

To appear; to emerge; burst; blossom.

What is the synonym of hatch?

Bloom: 2 open, sprout, unbutton, unfold, unfold, develop, be born, burst. Break out of the egg: 3 break, emerge.

What does possibility mean?

feminine noun State of what can occur or tends to happen; characteristic of what is possible: there is a great possibility of Brazil growing even more.

What words are close to the term right?

  • justified.
  • claim.
  • veto.
  • patent.
  • justification.

As for the possibility or the possibility?

Both forms may be correct, depending on the structure of the sentence. Regarding is a prepositional phrase that ends with the preposition a. Depending on the next term, a contraction with that term may or may not occur, that is, a crasis may or may not occur: As for that, I know nothing.

What is the adjective of possibility?

possible ( adjective ) –

What can synonym?

1 is capable, can, controls, knows, has potential, achieves.

What is a synonym for fast?

25 synonyms of fast for 3 meanings of the word fast : Having great speed: 1 fast, light, accelerated, vertiginous, frenetic, fast, speedy.

How to replace the word example?

1 sample, specimen, case, type, species, specimen. Example : The behavior you exhibited yesterday is a concrete example of your immaturity. What can be imitated: 2 model, mold, pattern, prototype, paradigm, archetype, canon, costume, mirror, gauge, caliper, standard, transfer, translation.

How to replace the word everyone?

Synonym for all

  1. all people, everyone, everyone, everyone , everyone , the whole world, humanity. Example: I dream of a world in which everyone respects each other. …
  2. complete, entire, integral, intact. …
  3. any. …
  4. totally, entirely, entirely, entirely, entirely.

Do you have an example?

Example : He considers himself to be the best teacher in school, but that’s not true. It remains in a given position: 4 preserves itself , maintains itself , endures , holds on , sustains itself , sustains itself . Example : My grandmother can’t even stand up because she is so weak.

What is word example?

Meaning of Example masculine noun What can be imitated; what should be imitated, copied: giving a good example to children. … Etymology (origin of the word example ). From Latin exemplum. i.

What does the word for example mean?

1. Phrase or word cited to support a definition, a rule. 2. That which can or should be imitated.

For example?

The expression is correct and is registered as an example sub-entry in the Houaiss Dictionary: «as an example of: according to the example given by». The dictionary of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences also records «in the example of» as a prepositional phrase and with the meaning of «imitating, taking as a model, following in the footsteps of».

How, for example, do you use a comma?

For «for example » In the specific case of «for example », we put it between commas if it is an element on its own, and we do not put it between commas if it is just part of another element. (I call it an element and not a clause, because grammatically a clause has a verb.)

How to use how for example?

ex: It is necessary to recognize the main problems, such as time spent at home and hours worked, for example . In this period, the joint use of “how” and “for example ” is correct, because the repetition of meanings reinforces the idea that “time at home” and “time worked” are just two among several “problems”.

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