What words to use to start an essay?

What words to use to start an essay?

Words and phrases to start an essay on any topic

  • “There is a lot of debate, currently, that…”
  • “It is often said that…”
  • “According to historiography, it is noted that…”
  • “Observing the scenery…”
  • “It is of fundamental importance…”
  • “It is common knowledge that…”
  • “Historiography teaches that…”

How to start an essay independent of the topic?

Just check:

  1. Have a few phrases up your sleeve to start an essay . Having a few phrases up your sleeve is a great alternative for starting an essay regardless of the topic . …
  2. Memorize some quotes that are common to many themes within the same thematic axis. …
  3. Make a historical allusion about the topic .

How to start the introduction of an essay?

Introduction to the Dissertation-argumentative Text

  1. The topic must be presented in the first sentence.
  2. There is no way to beat around the bush in the first sentence of the first paragraph.
  3. It is also in the first paragraph that the author’s line of reasoning is inserted.
  4. The objective is to convince the reader.


How can I start an essay?

How to start a dissertation essay

  1. Choose your arguments. After understanding what the proposal presented is, it is time to take a position on it. …
  2. Enter the topic correctly. The introduction is one of the most delicate points of the text. …
  3. Develop clearly. …
  4. Bring solutions. …
  5. Pay attention to Portuguese. …
  6. Review and transcribe your text.

How to write an essay in the first person?

This is because the writing must be objective and impersonal. By using phrases like “I think” or “in my opinion” in your text, you demonstrate to brokers that your position is not based on solid arguments. “In Enem, the first person can only be used in cases of citation and always using quotation marks.

What is a first person essay?

Using the 1st person , the writer runs the risk of talking more about himself and less about the topic, which in turn leads to a more informal register of the language, unsuitable for formal situations such as school essays and competition essays .

What is a text written in the first person?

First-person narrative is an approach to literature in which the story is narrated by one character at a time, talking about themselves.

How not to use the first person in writing?

The Argumentative Dissertation (above all) is characterized by the author-reader distance, which is why the 1st person singular (I) is not used and the 1st person plural (we) should be avoided”, explains Simone. Therefore, it is recommended that the participant uses the 3rd person , singular or plural, in their text.

Can you use can we in your essay?

No! There is the first personal plural and the singular. However, don’t use “I think” or “I want”, for example. Choose the first person plural — we must , we seek, we want.

Can you use this in your writing?

No problem! It is not a colloquialism and does not characterize a language error or any writing problem, as long as it refers to a previous term.

What should not be done in an essay?

What not to do in an Enem essay ?

  • Do not use the first person singular. …
  • Avoid slang, contractions or common spoken words. …
  • Don’t write an essay with just 7 lines or less. …
  • Pay attention to the theme and thematic outline. …
  • Not a text of another textual genre. …
  • Do not copy the motivating texts in their entirety. …
  • Avoid generalizations.

What should not be done in a dissertation?

This is our list of what not to do in an argumentative essay (See our complete guide on the subject):

  1. 1 – Don’t talk to the reader. …
  2. 2 – Do not use popular sayings in the Enem essay. …
  3. 3 – Do not generalize or radicalize. …
  4. 4 – Do not use slang or swear words. …
  5. 5 – Don’t express your opinion directly.

What should be done and what should be avoided when writing the Enem?

7 mistakes that should be avoided when writing the Enem

  • Illegible handwriting: This is the first big mistake. …
  • Changing the gender required by the proposal: Pay close attention here, as this error could lead to a zero grade in your essay ! …
  • Going off topic: Another important mistake that can ruin your writing .

What should not be done in Enem?

What is not allowed to do during the Enem test ?

  • Consult any type of printed material;
  • Talk to other candidates;
  • Write down the answers anywhere other than the answer sheet;
  • Leave the room before 2 hours after the start of the exam;

What to take Enem 2021?

What you need to take to Enem 2021 Only an original, official identification document with a photo is valid. Do not take a simple, certified copy or document without a photo.

What can disqualify you from Enem?

Refuse, unjustifiably, at any time, to: have religious items, such as burqas, kippahs and others, inspected by the coordinator; be submitted to an electronic journal; be subject to biometric data collection; have objects inspected electronically and have the snack inspected by the applicator.

What to take to Enem 2021?


What to take What not to take
Original identity document with photo Original identity documents without a photo, such as voter ID
Black ballpoint pen with transparent barrel Cell phones and any electronic devices; clocks
Printed confirmation card Caps, hats and similar

Can you bring food to Enem 2021?

Important tips It is permitted to take containers of food (with cut fruit or sandwiches, for example), as long as they are transparent; The same goes for water bottles: only transparent packaging is allowed; … Foods like peanuts, chips, chocolates and fruits can make your hands dirty or greasy.

What documents to take on Enem day?

That’s right! According to the official Enem 2020 notice, all participants must carry an official identity document with a photo on the day of the test to confirm their identification and have access to the room in which they will take the test.

Do you need to print something for Enem?

Enem confirmation card : is it necessary to print it and take it on the day of the test? Although Inep does not require the presence of this document on the day of the test, the organization recommends taking it, as it contains important information such as the Enem registration number , dates, times and location of the test and the chosen foreign language option.

Do you need a confirmation card to take the Enem?

Is it mandatory to carry the confirmation card on the day of the test? No. On the day of the test, the only document required is an original, recent, official identification with a photo (preferably an identity or driver’s card). But we recommend that the candidate keeps the card with him and takes it with him on the day of the test.

Do you need proof for Enem?

Original or authenticated photocopy, clear and without amendments or erasures: of the Birth Certificate, if you are single or live in a stable relationship; or the Marriage Certificate; or the Naturalization Certificate, in the case of being a naturalized Brazilian; Proof of current residence (optional);

What documents to take for Enem 2020?

It is recommended to take two pens, in case one of them doesn’t work right away. It is mandatory to present an official identity document . Without the document , the candidate will not be able to take the test. ID, passport, National Driving License or Work and Social Security Card are accepted.

How to access the Enem confirmation card?

How to access the Enem confirmation card

  1. Access the Enem participant page ;
  2. Click on “Log in with gov.br”
  3. Access the gov.br portal with your CPF and password (the same one used when registering for Enem );
  4. You will be redirected to the Participant Page, where you will see the Test Location link in the left corner of the screen. Click on this link and that’s it! …
  5. Important!

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