How much does a security guard refresher course cost?

How much does a security guard refresher course cost?

For R$ 320.00 in cash or R$ 390.00 in 10 installments by credit card.

How long can the security guard work with expired recycling?

Now, anyone in our segment knows that this is absolutely unacceptable in the category, since the security guard with expired recycling cannot act for a single day until he arranges for its renewal.

How is security guard recycling carried out?

In addition to being mandatory, retraining security guards provides more opportunities for growth for the professional, making them more qualified and efficient. The objective of recycling is to review the subjects and content so that the professional does not make mistakes during work and performs in the best way possible.

What documents are needed to retrain as a security guard?

Basic Security Guard Refresher Course

  • Identity Card (minimum 21 years old)
  • CPF.
  • Voter ID.
  • Reservist Card.
  • Security guard training course certificate .
  • Medical examination and Psychotechnical Examination.
  • Criminal Record Certificate.

What is the salary of a bank guard?

R$ 1.

What is the salary of a 12×36 security guard?

How much does a Night Watchman earn?

Salary Per Week Hourly Salary
351.36 6.66
279.41 5.30
334.70 6.34
445.02 8.44

What is the salary of an armed security guard?

R$ 1.

What is the working hours of a bank guard?

The category’s collective agreement allows for a 5×2 scale, with a working day of 8 hours per day, 44 hours per week and 191 hours per month, with any excess over 191 hours being paid as overtime.

What does it take to be a bank security guard?

Therefore, after taking the course, you still need to fulfill some prerequisites to perform the role, such as:

  1. Have completed high school;
  2. Be at least 21 years old;
  3. Being Brazilian;
  4. Have no criminal record;
  5. Have passed physical and mental health exams.

How much does a bank guard earn in RS?

A Bank Security Guard working in the city of Porto Alegre, RS earns between R$1.

Which Security Guard earns the most?

Motor Vehicle Driver Security : R$ 1.

What is the value of the 2020 security guard food ticket?

The general adjustment index was 4.31% over the salary floor, being R$1.

What is the security guard’s salary for 2020?

Security Guard Positions and Salaries Table – SP 2020

Security Guard Positions and Salaries Table – SP 2020 Adjustment 3.27% Floor R$ 1. 

What is the value of the food ticket?

When the value is not stipulated by the collective agreement itself, it is at the discretion of the employer. However, there is a general rule that is valid for all categories/companies: that the food benefit cannot be greater than the equivalent of 20% of the salary stipulated in the contract.

How much is the food voucher?

R$ 7.83

What are the benefits of a security guard?

The following benefits are also generally included in the security guard ‘s salary :

  • Additional hazard pay;
  • Night additional (for night shift guards );
  • Food/meal ticket per day worked.


What is the value of the security guard’s nightly allowance?


How much does a lead guard earn?

In the role of Lead Security Guard, you start by earning R$1.

What does a vigilante leader do?

Guides employees, checks situations and maintains control of people entering and leaving. Takes care of the security of the property and those who frequent the site and carries out internal and external security rounds, covering surveillance posts in the event of replacement, absences or support needs.

How to be head of security?

The training of the lead security guard can be divided between training and extension courses, mandatory according to the activity to be performed, and qualification courses for the development and improvement of technical, behavioral and management knowledge.

What does a security chief do?

What does the Head of Property Security do ? Supervises and guides the execution of the surveillance service to find and correct abnormalities or resolve problems. … Participates in the preparation of the company’s physical and property security planning.

What is the salary of a security manager?

R$ /div>

How much does a head of occupational safety earn?

Head of Occupational Security Salaries

Office Wage
Head of Occupational Safety salaries at Prosegur: 1 salaries reported R$ 2. 

What is the salary of a security supervisor?


How much does a supervisor earn on average?

The role of Area Supervisor starts by earning R$2.

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