What is enumerated?

What is enumerated?

Meaning of Enumerated adjective That was able to be enumerated; which was the subject of enumeration; listed or related.

What is the synonym of the word slow?

Which is done slowly: 4 paused, spaced, paced, rhythmic, gradual.

What is a synonym for sad?

67 synonyms of sad for 6 meanings of the word sad : Unhappy: 1 unhappy, sad, jururu, discontented, discouraged, desolate, depressed, embittered, disgusted, dismayed, tearful, melancholic, regretful, pitiful, sullen, gloomy, taciturn, malcontent, annoyed, prostrate, unhappy, insulting.

What is the antonym of the word fast?

Opposite of fast: 1. slow, leisurely, decelerated, sluggish, delayed, dragged, delayed, paused, gradual, spaced, remanded, remanded, tardy, tardy.

What is the antonym of words?

Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings. Antonyms can be formed using negation prefixes, such as happy and unhappy, or through different words, with different roots, that express a relationship of contrariety and opposition, such as high and low.

What is the opposite of tall?

The opposite of tall is: Opposite of large: 1. low, small, shallow, diminutive, dwarf, tiny, runt, narrow-minded.

What is the antonym of early?

late, belatedly, late, tardily, inopportunely, out of time. Opposite of quickly: 2. slowly, slowly, leisurely, lingeringly, slowly, gradually, slowly, calmly.

What is the antonym of began?

38 antonyms to start for 3 senses of the word. The opposite of beginning is: 1. conclude, close, end, end, end, finalize, close, crown, finalize, finish off, complement, consummate, complete, round off, cease, prepare, destroy, eliminate, unravel, close, complete.

What is the antonym of day?

darkness, pitch, dark, darkness, blackness, blackness, blackness, blackness, blackness, darkness, blackness, blackness, blackness, shadow, calligence, mist, blackout, blackout, turbidity, turbidity, opacity, tenebrosity, fog, veil, cloak.

What is the antonym of before?

The opposite of before is: Main antonyms for before : 1. after, after, subsequently, subsequently, subsequently, subsequently, in the future, behind, then, subsequently, behind.

What is the antonym of none?

The opposite of none is: Contrary to neither: 1. some, certain, determined, any, one, all, much.

How was it synonymous before?

1 preliminarily, in advance, previously, in advance, antecedently, previously, before , initially, at the beginning, at the beginning, primitively, precedently, primordially, in advance, in the first place, beforehand, precociously, at the beginning, first of all, the principle, first of all, at the beginning,…

What is the antonym of agitated?

The opposite of agitated is: Opposite of restless: 1. calm, peaceful, tranquil, serene, placid, undisturbed, imperturbable, impassive, rested, carefree, peaceful, peaceful, patient, meek, silent, calm, peaceful.

What is the meaning of redaction?

1. Write; coordinate in writing (own productions). 2. Be an editor.

That moves a lot and manifests itself as restlessness?

hectic. 1. That moves a lot ; restless .

How do you spell the word efficient?

These two words exist in the Portuguese language and are correct. Their meanings are close and similar, sometimes synonymous. The word effective refers to someone or something that produces the expected result or effect and the word efficient refers to something or someone that gives or obtains good results.

What does the word efficient mean?

That obtains results or performs as expected with greater savings in resources and/or time (e.g.: the factory equipment is effective, but inefficient because it uses a lot of energy).

What is efficient way?

Efficient (adj.) – When the task is performed in the best possible way, with the least waste of time, effort and resources.

What is efficient?

Being efficient means producing the expected effect. Effectiveness means a virtue of making effective or real. Efficiency, usually used in the expression “energy efficiency”, is the act of “doing things right”, while effectiveness consists of “doing the right things”.

What is efficiency in administration?

Efficiency = doing it right; the means to achieve a result; the activity or what is done. Effectiveness = is the right thing; the result, that is, what is done. The differences between these two concepts seem subtle, but they are actually extremely important in the field of administration .

What is efficiency in the organization?

The efficient organization is the one that achieves its objectives with the least amount of resources (doing things right). This logic facilitates measurability – once the objectives are set, it is possible to measure whether or not the organization was effective.

What is the difference between efficiency and effectiveness in administration?

” Efficiency consists of doing things right: it is generally linked to the operational level, such as carrying out operations with fewer resources – less time, smaller budget, fewer people, less raw materials, etc…” “Efficiency consists of doing things right things: it is generally related to the management level”.

Is it better for the company to be efficient or effective?

Doing things right with the least use of resources and time possible, mastering the process, being skillful and fast is efficiency. Getting the right things done is effectiveness. For example: Hiring a BPO service means being effective , while the service they provide must be efficient .

What is the difference between effective and efficient?

Efficiency is about a job well done, while effectiveness means doing what needs to be done. Although most people think that efficiency and effectiveness are the same thing, these two concepts do not have the same meaning.

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