How to use JSP?

How to use JSP?


When to use GET or POST?

In short: the difference is mainly in data visibility. Note: the GET request is relatively faster, as it is simpler. In the POST request there is a waste of time in encapsulating the message. POST is safer, as the URL does not display the information being sent.

Is the GET method what it means?

One of the most common HTTP verbs is GET . When we use GET , the parameters are passed in the request header. Therefore, they can be seen by the URI, as in the case of our login form. This verb is the default for sending data when submitting an HTTP form.

What is the GET method?

The GET method Its idea is simple, you use a Query String structure to send the parameters of your query and the server returns the data if successful, or if you don’t send the Query String in the URL, the API will return all the data without the filter.

What is conditional GET?

Answer: Conditional GET makes many types of utilities more efficient. It can be used by mirroring software that has to refresh a large number of files on a regular basis.

What is the function of conditional GET?

Conditional GET makes many types of utilities more efficient. It can be used by mirroring software that has to refresh a large number of files on a regular basis.

What is the difference between persistent and non-persistent connections?

Non-persistent HTTP The TCP connection is disconnected at the end of each object delivery. The connection DOES NOT PERSIST for other objects. The browser can open several simultaneous TCP connections (parallelism). … Persistent HTTP Multiple objects can be sent over the same TCP connection (with or without parallelism).

What is the mechanism for sending data to the server through parameters placed in the URL called?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

What protocol is used to make requests to the web server?


What is the protocol used for a web application What are the main parameters?

HTTP Protocol Status code (informs whether the request was made successfully or not); Type of Content (HTML, figures, texts, etc.); Content (real HTML, image, etc.);

What standard port does the HTTP protocol work on the Internet?

Normally, this protocol uses port 80 and is used for the communication of “sites”, communicating in the HTML language (Hipertext Markup Language, or Hypertext Markup Language).

What does the HTTP protocol do?

HTTP is a connectionless text-based protocol . … the browser connects to the server and sends an HTTP request to the desired web page (which, in this example, is your website); the server receives the request and checks the desired page. If the page exists, the server will show it.

What is the HTTP protocol?

In free translation from English it corresponds to Hypertext Transfer Protocol – a communication protocol between distributed and collaborative hypermedia information systems; the basis of communication with the internet, also known as the World Wide Web, as it allows the transfer of data between networks…

What is the difference between request and response messages in the HTTP protocol?

HTTP is the protocol that allows web servers and browsers to send and receive data over the internet. It is a request and response protocol — the client makes the request and the server gives the response to the client.

What is the difference between http and https?

What is HTTPS ? The HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) protocol is identical to HTTP and was created with the intention of replacing it, however, a layer of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or TLS (Transfer Layer Security), its successor, was added.

What is a protocol?

Meaning of Protocol Regulated agreement between countries or companies: international protocol . [Figured] Norms and procedures that must be respected in public ceremonies; formality. [Figured] Collection of rules that regulate public acts; ceremonial.

What is the function of the SMTP protocol?

What is the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ( SMTP ) ? The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ( SMTP ) is a protocol used in sending and receiving email. … In other words, users generally use a program that uses SMTP to send email and POP3 or IMAP to receive email.

What is the function of the FTP protocol?

A practical and versatile way of transferring files, it basically allows users to send or receive documents from the Greater Network through an address in the browser or software installed on the PC. The transfer is done between a server and a client.

What is SMTP and how does it work?

SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which in Portuguese means Simple Mail Transfer Protocol”, is a standard convention dedicated to sending e-mail over the internet.

How does the basic functioning of an SMTP operation happen?

The connection is established between Sender- SMTP and Receiver- SMTP , where the latter can be the final destination of the message or just a relay. Afterwards, the recipient of the message is identified, then the SMTP Receiver checks if it exists and returns the appropriate code. …

What is IMAP and SMTP?

The other can be either a POP (Post Office Protocol) server or an IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) server. IMAP and POP are standard Internet protocols for receiving email, which download messages from the server to your machine, smartphone or tablet. SMTP is the protocol for sending email.

What is the service port used by the SMTP service?


What is Locaweb’s SMTP?

Outgoing email server ( SMTP ): Username: It is the same email as “Email address”; Password: Field for the email account password; Then click the More settings button.

How to configure Locaweb SMTP?

09 | SMTP Configuration

  1. SMTP server :
  2. Port: 465.
  3. Username: Full email address.
  4. Password: Same password as your Locaweb email . Check the option Secure connection using SSL (recommended)


What is the webmail SMTP server?

SMTP server : ; output port: 465 if using SSL or 587 if using TLS.

How to configure Locaweb Email?

02 | Performing email settings

  1. Fill in the fields as follows: Username: Ex. teste@ locaweb Password: Enter your email account password . POP port: 995. IMAP port: 993. Server: email
  2. Click Next.

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